How to increase followers organically - Follow methods

         Instgram is a photo, video sharing social media app backed by Facebook. More than 1.3 Billion user already used and more are starting to use this. Globally more than 500 million users use Instgram on daily basis. So having a huge audience base all the popular brands also looking to instgram as a market place where they can make a presence and increase their brand value which will help them to increase their sells. So lots of them use this platform to make huge profits. Basically they offers instgram influencers to associate with them and promote their brand or products. In exchange they charge some money. Simply it's not only a platform to share your pics or videos but it also become a huge market to earn money from instgram.

How to increase followers organically
How to increase followers organically

       But when it comes earn monkey from instgram you need minimum audience which will further help you to earn thousands of dollars every month. So i am here to provide genuine methods which will help you How to increase followers organically. All the methods simply helps you to build a minimum audience after then you can start your earning or enable earning from instgram. Brands pay those who are already a known to world like Virat kohli, cristiano ronaldo, kylie jenner etc. Because all of them already famous on their respective field. Or brands intrested in influencers who are popular for their content like Carry Minati etc. So basically first goal to grow your instgram organically and increase followers. All the methods will help you to grow your audience and increase your followers gradually. So your can also use other social media platforms and associate with instgram and grow them also.

      All of the methods only applicable when you have a instgram user id. So make sure to sign up for instgram id or you don't know how to sign up, follow the given process.

Sign up for Instgram user id

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2.  Sign up for create a user id. Use your email id and phone number to create your user id with your user id.
  3. After that you can verify your your email id.
  4. Then set your password.
  5. Now your user id ready to start.

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How to increase followers organically

        After create your user id now you are ready to get started. Basically set your profile with image and bio which help your audience to know about you. Now you and your id ready to grow your instgram id. So follow all the methods to grow your instgram user id.

1. Content :

            Basically your content is the important factor which will decide your growth(positive or negative). So basically engaging content can help you grow faster. But before posting any content select your Niche(category). Basically one specific niche give your real and massive growth. Examples like meme pages, Shayari pages, motivation pages. By choosing a specific niche you audience also more engaging. 

         After choosing a category or niche start posting valuable content which may provide knowledge or solving quarries of your audience. This will help you get real audience who will may share your post or more engagement. Basically if your post are engaging then instgram algorithm also try to show them to more audience. More often you can get real and basic audience.

2. Use Haghtags :

          Basically before posting any content make sure to research about related hagtags. Simply hagtags helps us to get featured in home pages of audience who already liked or follow the specific haghtag. So we can take advantage of that initially to get a basic audience. Those help us to grow more and increase followers. You can just put haghtags just below your content and they will help you reach more audience.

But make sure to follow my rules to select your best haghtags.

• First choose 4-5 low volume(less than 50k)haghtags. Which will help you to rank your post in that specific haghtags.

• Then Choose 5-6 medium volume (50k to 200k) haghtags which will provide a lots of impression then here your content will decide the conversion.

• Then choose 5-6 high volume haghtags (200k - 1M). Which will help you to fill your audience impression.

• Finally choose 3-4 your name related haghtags which will help you make a brand. Like #yourusername.

• You can Use some specific haghtags on specific occasions like diwali, holi etc.

         Following this step you will get best mixture of keywords which will help you build your basic Audience. But make sure to choose haghtags related your niche.

3. Follow competitors :

           Following your competitors in your niche. And keep eye on them. By doing this you can get an idea about the engaging post or contents. Then you can use those data to get some followers. These types of data can help you follow the trend and you can follow them to get part of the trend. This will also help you to which type of content audience like more. Then you can just apply in your content to get more impressions and followers.

4. Increase Engagement :

Engage with your audience
Engage with your audience 

           Engagement also a factor which may help you grow your reach and followers. By liking and commenting on other posts may help you response back. By doing this you can easily encourage the audience or competitors they also like and follow you back. By doing this you can also make a community where all of you can help each others. For initial growth i also recommend to make a community rather than just follow or like. Higher the engagement higher the chance to get more impression and more the impression more the chance to growth more faster.

5. Consistent :

          Slow and steady is the key for success in instgram. Your content and continuity can help you to achieve your goals on instgram. Moreover consistency is the key for success. You can just grow you instgram organically faster when you do it consistently. It may takes months or years or decades but at last you will get more than what you want. In every field consistency can help you survive and also help you grow. So be consistent and your reward will be massive which you never think. All the influencers not make in one day it takes months years to reach where they now. You have to put lots of Hardwork as well as smart work to get that massive success. You should be have never give up attitude to get over the success and make your life more comfortable. After getting success you will easily make thousands dollars every month. 

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      There are lots of Benefits of organic growth. Simply the type of audience you will get using organic growth most of them either like your content or you. So the conversion also high. So here simply you can easily sell them your products or content. This organic audience also will help you to grow more faster because of the engagement they show while you post anything. Instgram algorithm will suggest your posts to more audience when the engagement will high and when your posts reach more audience then the increase of followers also high. So may cause a massive growth in minimum time.

        Organic growth will be more profitable because of the specific audience who like your content. So follow all the given steps to How to increase followers organically. Then after consider your growth and let me know if is it working or not by commenting below. Like the article! Don't forgot to share with friends. You can also hit me up on social media platforms. That's all for today. 

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