Digital Health Id card : Benefits, Registration & Apply Online


        Our prime minister of the country shree Narendra Modi announced the introduction of Digital Health Id Card on September 27, 2021. It was a started on 74th Independence Day by Our PM Narendra Modi ji. This is a card which can store our medical data(like prescription, diagnostic reports, and discharge etc. Data) Digitally. Government also provide a app to register yourself and create your own Digital Health Id card.

Digital Health Id card : Benefits, Registration & Apply Online 

     Before we start i want to tell you that Here we will discuss about What is Digital Health Id card?, Benefits of Digital Health Id card & How to Apply Online for Digital Health Id card? Let's Begin.

Digital Health Id Card
Digital Health Id card : Benefits, Registration & Apply Online 

What is Digital Health Id card?

    Our indian Government Announced a scheme named Arogya Manthana 3.0. Under which PM introduced Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission(ABDM). According to our PM Narendra Modi it will store National Digital Health Card data of our country. He also mentioned that it will bring a revolution in our Health Care sector and All past medical data now available on your phone. ABDM was launched by Our PM Narendra Modi On 27th September, 2021 by Video conference.

     According to Our PM everyone can register themselves and can apply for Digital Health Id card Online on This is an outstanding step taken by our Government to digitization of Health care Sector. Government try promote Digital Indian through this Scheme so we also need to support our Government and must register ourselves. This also connect millions of Medical and also paperless work which also increase efficiency of workflow in Health Care sector. Mostly this program can simply the treatment process and increase our living standard.

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Benefits of Digital Health Id card

     Till now all medical data always stored on papers which also increase the chance of lost them. Lost them increase our problems.

So the Government take an incredible step to store all data now digitally by Digital Health Id Card. It will store all our medical data with all expenses. So any one can carry all the medical data by just carrying Digital Health Id card. This program was introduced for all Indians. So anyone can register and apply for the Digital Health Id card.

  •  Digital Health Id card store all the medical data digitally. So it will decrease paperwork.
  •  All Digital Health Id Card Holders can check all their details of the Health Care service and doctor.
  •  You will get further information after download and register through the app.
  •  You can also get all details about prescription, diagnostic reports, and discharge report. So it is also helpful for doctors to get all reports quickly by using Digital Health Id card.

Digital Health Id Card Apply Online

     Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission(ABDM) was announced and Launched on 27th September, 2021 by Our PM Narendra Modi on Video Conference. This scheme provide every Indian a Digital Health Id Card after registration. The Health Card store and provide all the data of our medical Health care services with all expenses(medical data). Anyone can register and apply for this card online. After apply everyone get a Digital Health card absolutely free of cost. So register yourself follow the given process below.

Digital Health Id Card Registration

     First you have to download the app NDHM Health Record Apps. Once you download the app you can now register for Digital Health Id Card. You can use any device to register yourself like smart phone, computer, laptop etc or you can go to nearest Net zone to register yourself.

Follow these simple steps to register yourself.

  • Step 1 - Download the app for NDHM Health Records. You can easily get the app on Play store or apple store.
  • Step 2 - After installed you can click on Register to begin registration.
  • Step 3 - For register you will get two options. Either you register with your mobile number or you can use your Aadhar Card to register. Choose any of them to register.
  • Step 4 - Now click on the Aadhar card link and fill the required details about you.
  • Step 5 - You will get an OTP to your mobile number linked to Aadhar Card.
  • Step 6 - After the creation of Health Id card of your you have to create your username.
  • Step 7 - They may ask for some other documents as your identification. Provide them.
  • Step 8 - Once you have been completed you will get your Digital Health Card.
  • Step 9 - Now create a Password(choose strong password )for the Digital card.

  • Step 10 - Use the provided or created valid credentials to login yourself to the app.

    Covid-19 bring revolution in Digital world. This step to provide everyone an unique Digital Health Id Card is a Good decision which helps us in future. It's also helps us in the covid-19 situation if the individual vaccinated or not. So make sure to create your and your family members Digital Health id Card.

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