Search Engine Optimization(SEO) & Factors Effect SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

     Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. Seo is the factor to rank your content or business on any type of search engine. Either it's Google or Yahoo,all search engines show the results based on seo content to the audience. Seo is also applicable on Social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. Simply seo makes us easy to crack the Google algorithm and rank our content on Google Search Engines.

      As we get to know that Seo is a major factor which can provide us organic reach and audience so i am here with another article on

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

   What is seo? Factors effect seo. Simply i shall give you detailed article on Seo. Which may help you and your website to get more organic reach and help in grow your site or business.

       As we know Google is the most used search engine all over the world so we will talk about Google search engine. Google is know as the reminder of all data. Means it stores all type of data which is difficult to remember in case of human. So everyone use google to get their answers of their questions. And Google always provide the correct or relevant answer. So here comes the factor seo which helps google to search best out of millions of articles to provide most related search results to the audience.

      But when it comes to content Creators all of them want to rank their content on Google results but some of them can can really able to rank. Why? Here comes the factors which help them to rank them on 1st page of the Google search results and all know how Ranking boost your organic reach and audience.

       Simply there are two types of Seo for every kind of Website or Blog. First one is On-page seo and second one is Off-page seo.

• On-page Seo : On-page seo includes all the possible optimization of content before publishing on your websites. Basically Keyword research, High quality content, content related images, alt texts, tags etc. are under the line of On-page Seo.

• Off-page Seo : Off-page seo is simply optimization of your content off of your website. Like building backlinks for your content and help them to rank on Google.

        Both the On-page seo and off-page seo are integral part of seo. On-page seo helps your website to get organic traffic and increase your organic reach while Off-page seo helps you to get traffic from other sites and help in google Ranking. Both of them make easy to both content creators as well as Google for quality content.

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Seo strategies :

     There also different ways to apply seo strategies to your content. Here comes the Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo.

• Black Hat Seo : we all know black hat seo stands for bad way to get ranked in Search results. Like keyword stuffing, link scraping etc. May these steps rank the posts but for short time of period. Simply by doing this tricks creators think Google cant find but when Google find them they got penalised and blacklisted by google. So it's a bad practice to do with your website.

White Hat Seo : This is the best method to practice for your website. It's also very helpful in long-term. It's also able to create a sustainable audience and trustworthy.

    All of them are just basic of Seo. You must know them before talking or using Seo. These are help you to get the best way to do seo for your website. Google also helps you when you helps google with good content with basic seo and you will able to rank your content on Google. So after all the basics over now we can move to the factors which may affect your seo of your content or site. Simply seo is the mixture of all those factors.

Factors effect seo :

       Knowing the basics of seo now we can move forward to our article to get know about the factor which may directly or indirectly affect our seo. All of them also a part of seo and make a difference. So its also important to have an idea about all the factors and apply them all. But let me tell you we all know it's a long-term process. So it takes lots of time patient to make it happen. It's takes lots of time and effort to rank your website. But doing these practices make you perfect and help in long-term.

Content :

"Content is the king" - Bill gates told us in 1996. Which is valid statement for all-time. Google word hard to provide best results to the users when someone search something on google. So basically the content is the major factor which directly effect your ranking. Higher the content quality higher the ranking. Google always try to provide High quality relevant content to maximize the best user experience, so it's also rank the high quality content on the top of search results. Millions of content published everyday but out of them google help those whose content provide valuable information with proper writing skills. High quality content can rank your site single handedly.

      High content quality means add more value to your content with proper writing skills, Which also easily readable. Which helps attract and increase the audience towards your content. Which also make a great impression infront of google. Then google also help you to rank your site. For this you must looking for produce a high quality content. Here comes the subjects which may help you to increase your content quality.

Quality : quality is the most important thing of any kind of content. The content which gives us definite knowledge, solving our quarries is consider as a quality content. So you also must have to add some value to your content to increase your quality of your content.

Writing skills : To make your content quality high you must have to write it in the way that any one can read it easily. With proper grammar and writing skills you can add more value to your content. Using Headings, sub-headings, minor headings make your content more attractive.

Freshness : Before produce any type of content first you have to check your competitors articles which provide a basic idea about what they provide. Then you can easily add some freshness which may provide some extra value while comparing to others. And Google also want freshness with valuable content. Which may be a game changer.

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Keyword :

       This is also a factor due to which your content show on the search result. Basically initially it's hard to rank on high competition keywords. So must need two things to do get best keywords from thousands of keywords. First one is research of keyword and second one is selection of keyword. First thing is keyword research which is the important step to get organic traffic. Initially it's hard to rank on high competition keywords so research is the part where you can find low competition keywords with high cpc which helps you to gain initial audience. Research well for find best keywords for your content, check the competition and their posts briefly. Then comes the second thing which is selection of keyword after a research now you have the idea which keywords are useful and check their trends. Now you are able to find your best keyword and select them.

For keyword research or keyword selection you can use some tools like Semrush, Afref, Ubersuggest etc. For finding the trend you can use Google trends. These will helpful for keyword research and major tool is Google itself. So use them and find your best keywords.

Website Design :

       This is also a factor which effect your seo and ranking. It's include the speed of the website(loading speed), active server and mobile friendly. All of them make your site more easy to rank. All these increase the user experience and decrease the bounce rate. This is a good impression in Google and more chance to rank your site. Elements which carry major part of your website design to another level are as follows

Easy to Crawl :

       When we think about ranking before that there a though process to index. Here comes the important role of crawler. Crawl means search engine bots(Google bot) go through the every post after produced by us. They crawl all over the content and check them is it worthy or not. To make it easy for gogle you have to interlink your other contents with new content. It's helps Google to find the content more quickly and index more quickly.

          For making it more easy to Google you have to add a sitemap by using plugins on WordPress or by using online XML file generator and submit them. As soon as the post indexed your post is available on Google search result. Then you can think about Ranking.

Good user experience :

        The website design also directly effect your user experience. So it's important to customize the design as that anyone can find what they are looking for. Adding category, labels are helping new users and help them to find the content they want. If a new user can't operate your website then it's make a bad impression on them and they never come again. So make it sure to customize as simple as you can. So anyone can use them easily. Greater the impression greater the ranking.

Mobile Friendly :

       In this time mobile users are more than pc users. Google also require mobile friendly websites which is a important part to look over. So make your website design mobile friendly as well as can easily change according to devices. It's help you to rank faster.

Loading Speed :

         Whatever your design but the loading time must be under the 2s. Here comes the size of your website design or coding which may influence your site speed. Speed of your site provide a great user experience while if speed is very slow there is a chance to loose your audience. So it's also important to check your website speed and make it less to rank faster.

Authority : 

     Trust is also a major factor in ranking or seo. It's takes time to built trust inbetween you and google and your audience. Great content with proper customisation can bring you audience but consistency is the key to maintain them. And built your trust with Google as well as audience. There are two types of authority basically one is Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Domain Authority (DA) : This is the authority of your domain. Which also known as trust flow. Simply older the website higher the DA. Consistency is the key to increase the domain authority.

Page Authority (PA) : Page authority is definition for a single page or post. It's simply the value of your content. Example like a blog post. Higher the quality higher the authority.

Simple things which also include under Authority are as follows

Domain Age : To increase your DA or PA it's takes lots of time and energy. In a simple way if you continuously produce valuable content then the values directly add up to your authority. Which means higher the values higher the authority. Domain age stands for the age of the domain. Higher the Domain age higher the Authority.

Bounce Rate : Bounce rate means the new audience which enter to your page through google and leaving instantly. This also make a impression on google to recommended your content to others. Lower the bounce rate means the new audience like your content or they got what they want. Then the google also find it and suggest to others but the bounce is high means your content don't provide values to audience or they are not getting what they want. So its a negative impression.

      All these factors can directly influence your SEO. All of these are also have the potential to rank your blog post higher. So basically you need to take care of them and they will reward you in future. So that's all for this post. Like the content! Share with your friends and let us know your words by commenting below.

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