Top 8 Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment 2021

      Everyone needs a better life and also want to fullfill their dreams. For that all need money. When it comes money all think about how to earn money online or how to earn money while at home? Now all the problems are solved by us. We also shared some methods to earn money online in past posts. But today i shall give the apps which will help you to earn money by doing simple jobs without any investment. Also all work can be done at home by using your Smart phones or laptops or pcs. So follow this article to get all the information about Top 8 Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment 2021.

Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment
Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment 

       World is shifting towards Digital very quickly. Allover the world people also take the advantage of the shifting. Lots of companies also shifting their business to Digital. And they doing their marketing on Digital at bigger level. Which creats opening for job opening by doing simple jobs. Let me take a example of Ecommerce giant Amazon. Amazon have a program named Amazon affiliate program. Which means anyone can become a member and share the products links to others. If someone buy any product through the link then you will get 2% to 8% on one sell. But other new ecommerce sites provide more than 40% commissione on each sell. Well well now you think that only 8% ok let me show you if average commission is 5%. Then let me show you something. When some one buy 10,000 rs product by using your affiliate link then your commission should be 500rs. If you able to sell 10 products then your monthly earning should be 5000rs. This is the minimum earning but if you want to make maximum then you must have spend 1 to 2 hours daily to make monthly 20,000 to 40,000rs. This is an example. And many more websites and apps are providing many more money rewards in exchange of simple works like video watching, taking survey, playing games, read emails etc.

        So i am here to tell the all the possible method to earn money online without any investment. What you need to do these jobs? Simple you just need your smartphones or you can use other devices and a stable internet and 1- 2 hous daily to enable your passive earning. Which will help you to make your life more happy and give a chance to fullfill your dreams. You can earn enough you can easily pay yours all expenses. So are you intrested? Then follow the article.

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Top 8 Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment 2021

So lets begin the main part of article. Which may help you to earn some money. 

1. Google Opinion Rewards :

     Google Opinion Rewards is an app backed by Google. This a simple app and easy to use app. This app pays some money rewards while someone complete the surveys. They pay inbetween 0.5$ to 2$ for one survey. The questions also like what is your name? Or where are you fromm? Like this. Is it really working? Yes, it is really working. They give real money reward after complete a survey.

How to start?

• Search the app on Google Playstore or Apple store. And install the app.

• Complete your sign up.

• Then complete the survey when they available.

• Direct withdraw your money to bank account.

2. Meesho :

    Meesho is an Indian Ecommerce Apps. Founders of Meesho are Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal both are graduated from IIT Delhi. This a Bangalore based company started from 2015. Follow the steps to earn money from Meesho. This is a reselling app. Simply you can share the products of meesho to your friends and families. When they buy using your link then you will get your profit. This is a great app for students and housewives. They can easily resell the products and make some profit out of that. Which will give you a passive income.

How to start?

• First find the app on Playstore and install the Meesho app.

• After that provide your data like email and phone number to register yourself on Meesho.

• Than you can easily share the products on the app with manual rates. 1 to 2 hous daily will give you easily 10,000 to 20,000 as a passive income.

• You can withdraw your money direct to your Bank account.

3. Earnkaro :

       Earnkaro app is a deal sharing app in India. Specially this app was funded by Tata groups of company. So there is something that attract Tata also. The process is easy. More than 40 ecommerce or selling sites associated with earnkaro. You will get products on the app or you can also copy the link of the external sites and paste in the earnkaro app then after if some one buy through your link then you will get some % on each sell. The percentage should be 2% to 45%. Big ecommerce sites like Amazon, flipkart, myntra, bigbazaar, mamaearth etc also in the list. So it makes the sense to look this app for make money. You can use your social media or blog to make it easy.

How to start?

• Download the app EARNKARO from Playstore or Apple store.

• Register with your mobile number and email id.

• Now you will get best deals available.

• You can check Our Partners to check and find your best site(flipkart or Amazon etc.).

• If you want to change external link to profitable link then click Make Link and paste your link then you will get the profitable link.

• You can easily withdraw your money to your Bank account.

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4. Rozdhan :

        Rozdhan is a content sharing app( image, article etc.). Basically they pay to you when you complete given works. Works like like images, like articles, share images and articles. Everyday get bonus of login. This app also have a referal program which helps you earn more. Share with your friends and family to earn more money. But for withdraw money you must have 200 rs in your wallet. Then after you can withdraw you money direct to your bank account.

How to start?

• Download the app ROZDHAN. Then istall.

• provide your phone number and e-mail id to sign up and use a referal code to get 50 rs signup bonus.

• Then after you can complete the given tasks to earn points.

• Later the poins converted into rupees. Which will you can withdraw after complete the threshold of 200rs.

• Once you collect 200rs then you can withdraw the money direct to your Bank account.

5. MPL(Mobile premiere League )

      Mobile Premiere League (MPL) is a mini gaming platform through which any one can earn money from playing games like cricket, carrom board etc. This game was founded by Sai Garimella and Shubham Malhotra in 2018. This platform provide more than 40+ games in different category like shooting, running, racing, strategy, sports, arcade etc. By playing this game you can earn money daily. There also fantasy games where you can choose your team on live matches.

How to start?

• Download the app from Google. Then install the app.

• Signup with providing your mobile number and e-mail id. Confirm the otp.

• They also ask for location because of this app was banned in Odisha, assam and some other places. Select your location.

• After sign up you can now simply play the games available on dashboard and earn money daily.

• You can also add money using upi, bank account.

• After win money you can directly withdraw your money to your Bank account.

6. Swagbucks :

      Swagbucks is an American based private company. It provide real money rewards while complete a survey. Every survey can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. This was founded by Josef Gorowitz in 2005 which means this company was formed 16 years back. So we can trust this app. They give money rewards while someone complete any survey. $3 - $25 gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks.

How to start?

• Download the Swagbucks app from Playstore or Apple store.

• Provide required details and Signup.

• After signup you can check tasks on your dashboard.

• Complete the surveys available and get rewards like gift cards.

• You can use the gift cards to buy something.

7. clicksgenie :

    Clicksgenie is a website where you can earn money while you read emails. Simply the website send you emails on your mail id. Every time you read a mail you will get rewards in between 0.001 to 0.005$. Easy way to earn money.

How to start?

• Search on Google "Clicksgenie".

• Provide your details and Signup.

• After signup you will get a dashboard where you will get your earning information.

• All the emails will send to your email id. On daily basics you will get 8 eamils. Complete them and get rewards.

8. Upstox :

       Upstox is an Investing app. It is based on stock marketing. This was founded by Ravi kumar, Kavitha Subramanian, Shrini Viswanath. Here you can simply invest in stock market, mutual funds, ipos etc. But i am not suggest you to invest in stocks. Simply i am here to tell you that we can simply earn money by referal program. On each successful referal you will get 1000 rupees. So depends on you how much you can earn by simply refer to your friends and family. But here you have to give 300rs Signup charge.

Note : We are strictly tell you to avoid stock market. I am only suggest you to use the referal program to earn money from upstox. Because without knowledge about any field can make us loss. So it's also a risky move to invest in stocks without proper knowledge.

How to start?

• Download the app "UPSTOX". And install it.

• Sign up with your details like phone number and e-mail.

• Then after fill the details like pan card, bank details, checkbook, signature, photo. Etc.

• After that you have to pay 300 rupees for signup charge.

• Once you signup you will get the login details. Then after you can start your referal program.

      All the provided Apps or Websites are by us are really working. After lots of research we suggest you to use them and earn money online. All of them are user friendly and easy to use. So any one can easily complete the tasks and earn money from them. Simply try these are and tell us they are working or not.

      That's all for today. Here we were discussed about Top 8 Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment 2021. They can help you to earn passive income every month. So use them and let us know your feedback by commenting below. And if you still have some doubts then you can dm me on social media platforms.

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