Top 8 Best WordPress Themes 2021 : Free and Premium Both

      Are You want to start your blog or Website and looking for Best WordPress themes? No worries you are at the best place to get a selected list of some of the best and most popular WordPress theme list. Before get started i also suggest that to check out my blog How to start a blog or website with WordPress.

WordPress Theme

     For get started with WordPress you must need Hosting and Domain. You can easily choose any hosting according to your site traffic. After getting best Domain and Hosting you must need a Great theme to make your Blig or site Perfect.

         WordPress provide more than 11k themes to make your blog or site professional. 11,000 themes contains different category like Tech, ecommerce, health, education etc. All of them are well designed and fully loaded themes with minimum response time. Which is must need to create a great blog or site and also help to get AdSense approval.

          Almost all of them are free to use. For more features you must need a premium version. Blogger, hobbyists can use free themes because they don't need much more traffic when we compare with ecommerce sites or business sites. So i suggest you to go with premium version of themes for your business site or ecommerce site or small business site etc.

Benefits of a premium WordPress Theme

Look - When it comes to look you will amaze with WordPress themes who are Beautiful look with professional set up Which may impress your audience. All the themes have different look according to their niche. Which also helps us to choose a best theme for our niche.

Fast Speed - All of the themes are light in weight and have controlled coding make them more faster and reduce response time. Which also help in good user experience.

Easy to Customize - Almost all of them are already ready to use with some changes. You can also customize without coding. By using layout edit you can easily add or deleat or move any element. You can easily add social media icons by using these tools. Easy to edit Header and Footer.

Available different Colour templates and Typography - Tons of colour templates are present in these themes to add. You can choose any of them with two colour combination (primary colour and secondary colour ) or you can manually edit colour of your site. When it comes to fonts lots of fonts also available or you can also use google fonts for your site or blog.

Security - By using these custom themes we decrease our security concerns. We also know third party themes are not good for security. 

24×7 Customer care Support - According to me and much more reviews WordPress provide Good Customer care service to help and solve your all problems but they give more priority to Premium plans. 

Affordable Price - when we looking for affordable price themes we provide you the best themes with best deals. So check them all. But what i suggest that you need one time investment for life time use so choose a good one.

How to Install WordPress theme from Dashboard

Follow these simple steps to install your WordPress theme from Dashboard.

Step 1 - Login to your WordPress admin page.

Step 2 - Appearance >> Themes

Step 3 - Now you get a set of themes. Choose any of them. Now you have option to see preview and install.

Step 4 - Now Install the theme you choose.

      So here we have a basic idea about WordPress themes which helps further to choose one of them. You must need a theme which can match with your niche as well as you also like it. Here i try to provide you Top 8 Best WordPress Themes 2021 : Free and Premium.

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Top 8 Best WordPress Themes 2021

Top 8 Best WordPress Themes 2021 : Free and Premium Both

1. Athena Pro :

Athena Pro WordPress Theme

    Athena pro is a theme to use for enterprise, Small business, online store, artistic portfolio and freelancing portfolio. It is also a very clean and fully loaded WordPress theme for use for your websites or blogs.

    With the simple look it provide 10 different widget areas to add your different widgets which helps you to place your widgets for user for easy to use. Athena pro also give options for 9 custom page templates through you can manually add your required pages to your site or blog.

     It also have in-built responsive image gallery and client testimonial showcase which helps small businesses or freelancer websites or blogs to add their products or client review which will help them to grow more.

      Athena pro have several in-built color templates for use. You can easily customize your website or blog colour with primary and secondary colour from colour spectrum.

     Athena pro also supports WooCommerce and team member integration. Which may help small businesses. It also have an animated Ajax content form.

2. Divi :

Divi WordPress Theme

        Divi is the most popular WordPress theme for Freelancer, Agencies and websites. Divi is the easy to use, faster and enjoyable. You will built anything using Divi for your great Website or Blog.

        You can easily customize your website with Divi in front end. No need of back end like coding. You can easily add, Delet and move elements on your website or blog.

      If you have basic idea in coding then you can also add your manual Css code to combine your design with Divi with simple steps. Divi is a responsive themes by nature and also provide controls over look on mobile.

               It also can save and manage your custom design. You can easily re-use them for new page creation. Divi provide support to Undo and Redo your edits through simple and easy steps.

3. Hello Elementor :

Hello Elementor WordPress Theme

    You can use Hello Elementor WordPress theme for your Different types of portfolio, Freelancing site, websites etc. It is a responsive and fully loaded WordPress theme to use.

     It is simple looking theme with easy to customize according to your requirements. It also have option to edit header and footer of your website or blog.

       Clean look, fast loading and lean weight make it more special for Seo of your website or blog. Which may increase your user experience and help in SERp ranking.

      It also supports WooCommerce. Which means you can also use for online store. It also support RTL. It provide in-built Templates to use for your website or blog. Consider it.

4. Astra :

Astra WordPress Theme

        Most love WordPress theme Astra known for his look and speed. You can use Astra for any kind of website or blog. This theme is clearly defeat any theme on WordPress.

         It is a in-built WordPress theme ready to use. It already built basic parts of your site. You just have to add or move elements to customize according to your taste. You can also customize without knowledge in coding.

        You can also easily customize your website with colour and typography to make it more interesting and eye catching. You can also edit your header and footer of your website or blog. It already provide ready to use for Beginners. Check it out.

5. PopularFx :

PopularFx WordPress Theme

      PopularFx is a WordPress theme that gives you freedom to make your website according to your requirements. It mainly use for portfolio, small businesses, ecommerce, freelancer websites and blogs.

       This theme already have 350+ templates ready to use which may help Beginners. It is capable to give good performance while it comes to speed because of light weight. It is also fully loaded and responsive theme to use for your website or blog.

      With powerful website building tools you can easily add or move any type of page or gadgets or social media icons on your website or blog with simple edits without coding.

         It has lots of colour options and typography options for great look of your site. You can also easily edit your header and footer of your site. Check it out before look for another theme.

7. GeneratePress :

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

        Google AdSense also support simple themes more than well decorated themes. GeneratePress gives that vibe. With simple and gentle look it is the best option for your website or blog. You can use this for any kind of website or blog. It also supports WooCommerce.

         Due to light in weight it increases the speed of the site and response in seconds which effect on Seo and ranking. Simple look may increase your ad clicks which also increase your CTR.

        You can use edit tools to add or delete or move your elements of your site easily. You can easily set up your site as you want. You can also create pages with page builders.

          It also provide 9 widget areas, 5 navigation locations, 5 sidebar layouts, drop down menus and navigation color presets ready to use. Check it out.

8. Tech Startup :

Tech Startup WordPress Theme

            Tech startup is a well designed WordPress theme which we can be use by startups and agencies that are mainly on Tech business or related stuff.

          Due to the simple design it provide Amazing speed and respons quickly. Which directly impact on Seo of our website. It also compact able with any kind of screen like desktop, laptop, smartphone, ipad. The clean layout gives a minimalist look to our site or blog. 

         It also has Seo friendly coding which increase our chance to increasing our Serp ranking. Highly optimised codes also boost the speed of the site and reduce response time. Which also give good user experience.

       With lots of tool to customize your site you can easily add or deleat or move elements of your site to decorate according to your choice. Easy to add different pages through tools. Easy to customize header and footer. Check it out for more on official site.

These are the Top 8 Best WordPress Themes 2021 to start your Blog or Website and get started. These themes have different look according their Genre. Which provide professional Look to your Blog or site.


      There are lots of themes available on WordPress but i shortlisted Top 8 WordPress themes for you. Try these themes and let me know if these can meet your requirements by commenting below. If you like the post don't forgot to share with your friends and help them also.

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