Covid 19 vaccination Certificate - How to download? Step by step guide


            The Government of india drive a huge vaccination process to prevent the spreading of covid-19. Millions of people are vaccinated everyday either it is first dose or 2nd dose. Government use Govt. Schools to make this vaccination possible and everyone get the vaccine absolutely free. And all of them also get certificate of the 1st dose or 2nd dose. Private Hospitals also provide vaccine but charge some money. In both case you get a certificate of vaccination.

Why we need a covid-19 vaccination certificate?

        Government start and continue the vaccination for control the covid-19 infection and reduce the covid-19 cases as soon as possible. So in public places like markets, railway stations, bus stands, airports we must need a Covid certificate to travel or do anything. These days all type of Government offices and Private agencies needed your Covid certificate to in different places. So download and keep it up with you as a proof of got vaccinated. If you don't know how to download covid-19 vaccine certificate then follow this article till end. Here i try to provide how to download covid-19 vaccine certificate using Cowin portal, Aarogya setu app, Umang app, Digilocker. For get this certificates you must need your Mobile number which is used to get vaccinated, Aadhar card or voter card or pan card or driving license and reference id. If you have all these things then you can easily download the Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

How to register for Covid-19 Vaccine?

      There are more than one way to register for covid-19 vaccine. But here i will tell you the most simple method to register yourself within 5 minutes for vaccination. For register You must need a Id proof(Aadhar card, Pan card, Voter id or Driving license). Need a number to register yourself and Book slot. If you have these then follow the steps.

Step 1 : Search on Google "Cowin".

Step 2 : Click on "Register/Signin".

Step 3 : Now Enter your number then click on "Get Otp".

Step 4 : Put OTP then Register/Login.

Step 5 : Now you are in Dashboard of Cowin portal. By using one number you can register for 4 people. Now search for Register for New member.

Step 6 : Now You have to Provide Any of required proof id(Aadhar card, Pan card, Driving license, Passport, Penson passbook, Npr smart card, Voter id, Unique disability Id, or Ration card with photo). Let us take Aadhar Card. Then enter Aadhar number, Name as Aadhar card, Gender, Year of Birth. Then Register.

    You can register for 4 people with one number by following rules. Once you register now schedule your vaccination date. Follow these steps to schedule your vaccination.

Step 1 : Once you sign in now click on schedule.

Step 2 : Select you age. ( 18 - 45 years or 45 - 60 years).

Step 3 : Now provide your pin number to check vaccination center near you. Or you can search using District, Area etc.

Step 4 : Now check if any slot available in those vaccination centers. Then schedule your date if available.

Step 5 : After register and schedule your vaccination date go with mask on and keep your phone with you(Number) or take a hard copy with you. After got vaccinated you get a confirmation message on your number. Now follow the given steps to download you vaccine certificate using Cowin portal, Aarogya setu app, Umang app, Digilocker.

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download by Different Methods

Covid-19 vaccination certificate Download
Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate 

Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Using Cowin Portal

      WWW.COWIN.GOV.IN is the official website for Registration or schedule your vaccine or download your vaccine certificate. But here we discuss about how to download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate using Cowin portal. Follow these simple steps.

Covid-19 vaccination certificate Download

• Go to Official website COWIN(WWW.COWIN.GOV.IN/HOME).

• Now Register or Login using your mobile number. Now both the vaccinated dates show to you.

• Now Click on Each Download Button to Download those certificate as a Pdf file.

Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Using Aarogya Setu App

     This app specially designed for Covid-19. Using these you can check your symptoms(for corona), check different ideas for prevent covid-19 and track covid-19 patients. You can also use this app to download Covid-19 vaccination certificate App.

Covid-19 vaccination certificate Download
Aarogya Setu App

• Install the Aarogya Setu App, if you have not already and open it.

• Login or Register using your Mobile Number and OTP.

• Click on the CoWIN tab at the top.

Now click on the Vaccine Certificate and enter your 13 Digit Beneficiary ID.

• Now click on the “Get Certificate” link to download it in your device.

Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Using Umang app

    You can also download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate using Umang App.

Covid-19 vaccination certificate Download
Umang App

• Open the UMANG app. If you have not downloaded the app already, go to the play store and download the app from there.

• Open the app in your mobile and search for the “What’s New” section.

• Under the “What’s New” section, you will find a tab named CoWIN.

• Click on the CoWIN and tap on the Download Vaccination Certificate option.

• Now enter your mobile number and also enter the OTP that is just sent to your mobile.

• Confirm the Beneficiary’s name and download the Covid Vaccination certificate from there.

Download Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Using Digilocker

      Digilocker is a app controlled by Government. You can download any type of certificate or documents provided by or issued by Government. Here you can also download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Covid-19 vaccination certificate Download

• Visit the Play store to download and install the Digi-Locker app if you haven’t already.

•Now go through the registration process in the app by entering details like Name, DOB, gender, Security Pin, Mobile number, Aadhar number, and Email ID.

• Now after the registration, navigate through the Central Government tab and click on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

• You will see an option labeled as “Vaccine Certificate”.

       These are the process to get your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. Download your Vaccine Certificate to as a proof if required. We also request you all that take vaccine as soon as possible. Because according to scientists 3rd wave also near. So make sure to take vaccine quickly at near vaccine centres.

Note : These days you can also get vaccine offline also. Direct go to nearest vaccine centre and keep your phone with you. And they will do all the required steps and you can get vaccine.


Covid-19 situation now under control due to the vaccination process. We also suggest you get vaccinated as soon as possible. Because we don't have any option to prevent Covid-19 without Vaccine. And obey the rules in public places like market, railway, bus stand, airports.

     Here i give you the steps to how to download you Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate from Different steps. If you like the post let me know by commenting below and share this post with your close ones and help them also. You still have any doubt dm me on my social handles for solve your problems.

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