Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021

    Day by day technology are upgrading more quickly which also helps us to advance our lifestyle and surrounding things. So Android phones also upgrading so quickly that you don't need a camera to click a photo or you don't need a laptop. Upgrading screen size, display quality, sound quality, processor, Battery Android become more advance. Now days Android contains Battery with power 5000 - 6000 mAh which showes 10 -18 hours battery performance which was incredible.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021
Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021

 Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021

   As we know processor and Battery life of the Android are more important factors which helps us to choose a good Android phone. But we know Battery life of a Android is a big concern. So in this article i will tell you the best tips to increase your battery life of your Android phones. These simple tips can help you to fix your battery draining. So first we have to know what is Battery drain? So lets see.

What is Battery Drain?

    When Android phones becomes older the charge also decrease more faster than before with less use, it is called Battery Drain.

How to know is your Battery draining or not?

These simple changes you can easily notice if your Battery draining.

• Charge decrease faster than before.

• Charge decreases without any use.

• Drop down the charge percentage after remove charger.

• Mobile heat increases while charging.

How to check Charge performance

• Go to Settings

• Go to Battery and Performance, now you can check your battery performance.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021
Battery Performance 

     These are some changes you can easily notice that your android battery starting drain. There are number of factors which effect on your battery. If you can control them then you can easily avoid battery draining of your Android phone.


Temperature can directly effect your Battery of your Android. If you use your phone in high temperature or very low temperature than your battery may start draining. Be aware of that.

Always make sure to avoid very high temperature and very low temperature for your battery's long live. Always try to use your mobile in standard or room temperature (15° - 35°). So you can avoid battery drainage of your Android phone.


    These days Android phones are having lots of customized wallpaper which looks very attractive and some of them are animated. You can also customise them to make your wallpaper more interesting. When it comes to extra features we know that it also consume additional charge which may cause your battery drain.

• Always try to use simple and good looking wallpaper which consume normal charge and also help you to save your battery life for long.

Set wallpaper

• Go to setting

• Open Wallpaper, there are lots of wallpaper for use.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021

Screen Refresh Rate

    This is the factor which measure your screen refresh rate in Hertz(Hz). These days Androids having minimum 30 Hz and maximum of 90 Hz. This is also a factor which can effect your battery partially. We all know with increase in Screen refresh rate the pressure on the cpu and gpu of your android also increases. Due to which your device heat also increases. This can be directly effect your battery and consume more charge which may cause of battery drainage.

• So try to use medium Hz(60 Hz) to avoid your battery drainage. Or you can use maximum Hz with in limits to avoid battery drainage.

Auto Brightness

    This is a feature which can easily change your screen brightness according to your surrounding light. If you are outside than it automatically decreases your brightness but while inside home than it automatically adjust the brightness to high. Which may helps you a lot. But in this up down process your battery charge consumption also high which can be the cause of Battery drainage.

       Simply to avoid this we have to turn off the option Auto Brightness. Now you can manually adjust your brightness of your android phone. Try to keep it low to avoid more charge consumption.

Off or on Auto Brightness

Step 1 : Go to Settings, then open Display, now click on Brightness Level, now you can turn off or on.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021
Auto Brightness 

Step 2 : Scroll down or up for your upper bar, now Click on "A" button for on or off the Auto Brightness.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021
Click On A for On Auto Brightness 

Use Wifi

   Mobile data also a factor which can moderately effect our battery life of your android phone. We all know while using mobile data charge consumption also high. Which causes battery drainage. So i want to prefer you to use Wifi data ahead of mobile data to avoid additional charge. Which also helps your battery life. It's batter to turn on Aeroplane mode and use WiFi but the incoming calls are also off.

Turn on Wifi

Step 1 :

• Go to settings, open Wifi, now you can turn on or off your wifi.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021

Step 2 :

• Scroll down or up for upper bar and turn on Wifi.

Mobile network vary area to area. In bad connection areas charge consumption also high. To use wifi for batter battery life.

Simple keyboard

    These days smartphones are having tons of keyboard for use. Which also special features including sound while typing, different templates which attract us to use them. But when it comes to special features there is also additional battery charge consumption which may effect our battery life.

So try to use simple keyboard to avoid battery drainage. Also turn off tap sound.

• Go to Setting

• Then open Sound & Vibration 

• Go to Additional settings.

• Turn off Dial pad.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021
Turn Off Dial pad

Avoid the use of unwanted apps & third party apps

    There are lots of app which are already installed and we dont use them. These are also effect our battery life. They consume background data as well as battery charge so lookout the apps and uninstall them to save your battery life.

• There are some apps which are provided by the Android phone companies which you can't uninstall. So Go to the settings and select the app and Uninstall them forcefully.

• Another important factor is Third party apps which are harmful for any Android devices. They create unnecessary pressure on device and highly charge consumer. Most of the devices shows battery drainage because of these apps. They also have malware which also effect our device and slow down our device processor. So never download any third party apps on your android. If already downloaded then uninstall them.

Charging Habit

   This is a key factor for your device's battery life. Mostly your Android's battery life depends on your charging and use. Usually people charged their phones till 100 percent and use them untill 0 percent which is harmful for your battery life. We know extreme high or low is very harmful. So Try to charge your smartphone inbetween 80% to 90% and don't use your mobile while charge is below 30%. Try to do this habit for save your battery life. Charge your battery fully for twice a week for good battery health.

• And also have a look always while your Mobile on charge if the temperature of your device increases then turn off charging.

• Try to use normal charger ahead of fast charger.

Turn off unwanted features

     There are many features which are not used daily or use occasionally like Bluetooth, Gps etc. We only use them while they are needed. Like for order anything on swiggy or zomato we can turn on our location. Or we can turn on Bluetooth while listen song or riding bike. So we don't have to put them on always. By turning off them we can save our battery life.

• For turn off them Go to upper bar or lower bar of your mobile and turn off both of them. Turn on while they are required.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021
Turn Off Bluetooth & Gps

Turn on or off Bluetooth or Wifi

• Scroll down the bar and you can easily on off both Bluetooth or Wifi.

Battery saver

   This is good option for use in low battery charge. Simply it is restrict unwanted battery consumption and increase battery lasting for 4-6 hours. It will be helpful when your battery have less than 10% or 5% and you don't have charger. This is a very good feature which helps us. But its also effect on your device cpu. And also a factor which may cause less your battery life. So try to use it less And only when it is necessary. So your battery life save.

On or Off Battery saver

• Go to Settings

• Then open Battery and Performance

• Then you get a option to on or off Battery saver.

Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android 2021
Battery Saver


   According to a data now android companies more making of Gaming phones which have enough space with excellent processor due to which performance of a device also increases. Which gives gamers smooth and high quality screen experience. Due to the high quality screen games becomes more realistic. High processor gives gamers smooth and good experience during playing any game. But with the upgrade of screen, processor etc charge consumption also high. So simple tips to remember if you are a gamer

• Follow charging habit

• Don't play games while charger

• Avoid to play games while your device temperature is high.

• Don't play games till extreme level. Like playing till 0% charge which will effect your battery life

• You can also decrease your fps(60 fps is good) for your battery life.

There are few more factors which you have update daily or weekly for your better performance of battery.

• Reboot : Reboot your device constantly which helps to increase efficiency and good battery health.

• Update apps : Update the apps when they are available. Which decrease background data consumption and give great performance. Also good for battery health.

• Update your device : Always make sure to update your device when available. Due to which your performance of your processor and battery work more efficiently. Updates provide you more new features and clear bugs also.

     These simple tips can help you to maintain your Android device battery life. Simply few tips can make a big difference in daily life. If you able to take care of all these things then i can guarantee that your battery life of your Android long last.

     Try to follow these Best Tips to Save Battery Life of Your Android. If you like the article share with your friends, family, cousins etc to help them also. And let us know is it working or not by commenting below. You can also follow me on my social media handles for stay connected.

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