What is Keyword And How it Impact on Seo of Websites and Blogs

     Keyword defines significant word. It also known as Seo Keyword or Key phases. This factor help your site or Blog to introduce your Content to Search Engines. Keywords also defines your content. Its also helps your Blog or Website to Rank on Search results. So its a Important factor to look over.

What is Keyword And How it Impact on Seo of Websites and Blogs
Definition of Keyword

    Hello Friends Pintupatro Here. Here you will get to know about What is Keyword?, Is it effect Seo?. If you reach here by searching of these Quarries then you are at right place.

     Keyword or Seo Keyword are Words which represents some specific topic. Like If some one search "Cricket" then definitely he was interested in Cricket Related Content. So here "Cricket" is the Keyword. So there are many more topics which are daily searched by millions of peoples on Google or Other Search engines. So here comes the factor Keyword which help you to grow your reach and Audience. If you able to find right keywords for your content then you can increase your Organic searches on your site. Which will increase you Rank on Google search Results.

What is Keyword And How it Impact on Seo of Websites and Blogs
Seo Keywords

     New commers may have more doubts on What is Keyword or How to search Seo Keywords. Today i will clear all your Quarries one by one. Try to read the whole post, after that you will able to find Seo Keywords for your Blog or Website.

    Seo of a Blog Depends on 2 Main Factors one is Content which defines your Blog and 2nd one is Keyword which Defines your post. We all know thay 80% to 90% traffic comes from our 10% ro 20 % posts which means Some Keywords drive all the traffic to our site or blog. So let's Discuss about all the factors and Quarries regarding Keywords or Seo Keywords.

What is Keyword And How it Impact on Seo of Websites and Blogs

  • 1. What is Keyword?
  • 2. Keyword is Important for Seo?
  • 3. Types of Keyword used For Seo
  • 4. LSI Keyword
  • 5. Keyword Density
  • 6. Keyword Placement 

    Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. Which helps our Blog or Site to Rank On Google. Keyword also one of the part of Seo.

1. What is Keyword?

    Keyword is sum of two words "Key" and "Word" which means Important Word. It will give a idea about your post to users. E.g. Seo - Which indicate that your content related to Seo. So its the factor which can drive massive traffic to your Blog.

      Keyword should be a phrase of your content or Heading. If you are writing a content then you must target on a keyword or around a keyword so the word or phase can be called as Targeted Keyword.

      When we search on Google about anything we get some suggestions and questions which are also Keywords because peoples searching about that keywords.

    Now you have an idea about what is Keyword. Let's move on.

2. Keyword is Important Seo Seo?

     Keyword is a Important Factor For on page Seo. Seo helps our Post or Article to Rank on Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

   In Seo Keywords we are targeting a specific phrase or word which also known as Targeted Keyword. Which drives massive traffic to your blog once it will ranking on search result. 

    After a post posted by someone, Google get the details or what is the post about by the Keywords.So writing a Seo friendly content you must have to use keywords in your article. So we have use our keywords in perfect places and the perfect place is Meta Description. But Now Google auto find keywords.

3. Types Of Keyword

  There are 2 types of Keywords which are used by Bloggers.

  • a. Short Tail Keyword
  • b. Long Tail Keyword 

a. Short Tail Keyword : Short Tail Keywords contains 1 to 3 words. So it called Short Tail Keyword.

Examples like Blogging, Earn Money Online, Ebooks. These are the some examples of Short Tail Keywords. All 3 examples have maximum of 3 words.

b. Long Tail Keywords : Long Tail Keywords contains more than 3 words. Some examples given below - Earn money online from Youtube, How to make your body fit, etc. Which having more than 3 words. So these are called Long Tail Keyword.

    Always try to find long tail keywords for your article because of competition in every niche. So find long tail keywords.

Let me help you to find long tail keywords.

Lets see a example

 If i want to write articles on Quotes then i can use long tail keywords like Motivational Quotes For Students, Sad Quotes on Girls, Life Lessons Quotes for All etc.

    Lets see another Keyword - "Earn money online" is a short tail keyword. But we can make Long tail keywords from it like Earn money online by playing games, earn money online from freelance, earn money online by doing copy paste work etc. 

     Long tail keyword increase our chances of ranking our site or blog in search results because of low computation. So Try it.

4. LSI Keywords

    The full form of LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. This is a method to find relation between used keywords and the content. It can also determine the quality of content. When the Google Crawler bots Crawl your Blog then they also treat Same words and phrase as Keywords. LSI also used for Phrase stuffing.

    LSI also find Keyword related words in your post. LSI detect that how many times and the place of the keywords you put in the article. So never use keywords randomly in your article because LSI can find it easily. It can effect your SEO.

5. Keyword Density

What is Keyword Density?

  It defines the density of the keyword in the article Or The number of times keyword used in the article.

E.g In a 100 word article 3 keyword are placed which means The article have 3% Keyword density. High keyword density is a good sign for article. But remember one thing by repeating one keyword may be a negative effect. Its generally known as Keyword Stuffing.

     Google crawlers easily find keyword stuffing so be careful about using of keywords. Once Crawlers find keyword stuffing on your article then your site will never rank on Google so be careful.

      So always stay away from Keyword stuffing ans keep focus on Main keyword.

6. Keyword Placement

What is Keyword Placement?

Keyword placement means putting the keywords in right places. It will help you to increase you chance of visible in search engine. You will learn it through your Blogger journey slowly.

Placement of Keywords

• You must keep your keyword in your title

• Always try to use your keywords in your first paragraph of your articles.

• Try to use Keywords in Image Alt tag.

• Alos use keywords in Heading & Subheading ( H2 & H3)

    These simple keyword placements will give you huge response. So do it properly on your article. And try to highlight your keyword through out the article.

What is Keyword And How it Impact on Seo of Websites and Blogs


    Keywords are most important part of the Seo. It can help you to grow your blog. So Focus on keywords before writing articles. Always research about your Keywords on which you want to write an article. Check competition, volume of keyword and difficulty of keyword and choose your keyword. Now you can show the results.

       Keyword searching also important to get traffic from Google. You can use different tools for keyword research. Some of them are Ahref, Semrush, Keyword planner, Ubersuggest etc. Try them, search your keyword and write the article. Now your article ready to rank on Google.

    Overview of the Article - What is Keyword?, And how it effect on Seo, Types of keyword, LSI keyword, Keyword Density and Keyword Placement.

I  I wish your all quarries are clear now. Just implement these things in your blog and you will get huge success in blogging. If you like the post or content the you can also share with your friends who are interested in blogging. If you still have quarries then you can also message me on social media handles.

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