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  Blogger is a free content management service provider backed by Google. You can start your own blog using a subdomain ( absolutely free.

     This time i am with another problem solving content which will help you to Change or remove footer credit on blogger without any error. So follow till the end to know how to remove or change footer copyright credit.

Remove footer credit

       There are thousands of themes or templates available on internet. Both paid and free themes are present on internet. Paid themes provide with copyright removed and more options to customise the themes to fullfill your imagination to make your blog more attractive and professional. But there are thousands of templates which are totally free but contains footer copyright credit.

    Beggniers or some people have financial problems so they choose to apply third party themes or templates which are totally free, responsive and easily available on internet. Easy to customize and available of AdSense make us more excited to start with Blogger. Since there are limited themes available on blogger, all of us search for third party themes to give our blog professional look. Examples like Sora templates, Gooyaabi templates and templatesyard provided us hundreds of themes for absolutely free. Which also contains their copyright credit.

Footer Credit

      If you are searching how to remove the credit and instead of that how to put your copyright credit then you are at right place. Follow this step by step guide to change the copyright credit.

Important : Backup your present theme before changing the footer credit. If any error occur it will help you to get you theme back.

How to remove or change blogger footer credit?

     To remove the blogger footer credit of provider follow these simple 5 steps. I will try to explain with required screenshots and images. Lets get started.

Step 1 : Login to Blogger


Step 2 : Click on Theme(Setting >> Theme )

Select Theme

Step 3 : Edit HTML(Customise >> Edit HTML)


Step 4 : Find Copyright Area

Find Footer Credit

Step 5 : Add the Given HTML code before Crafted with Or Created with as given below.

style='visibility: hidden'

Step 6 : Add the given script

Copyright <a href='' rel='dofollow' style='color:#ffeb3b;' target='_blank' title='Your site'>Your site</a> All Right Reserved 

Note : Fill your site link and name in the place of your site.

Final result

Step 7 : Adding the scripts Click On Save.

Some important questions with answers

Q. Is it necessary to change footer credit for AdSense approval?

A - Absolutely not, blog also got AdSense approval without footer credit change. But making our blog more professional we add footer credit with our copyright credit.

Q. Is it any issue occur while change the footer credit on blogger?

A - May be yes, because sometimes it will not work so make sure to backup your current theme before any Change.

     These easy simple steps can help you to remove or change the footer credit without any issues. If you like the post share with your friends and let me know your opinion is it help you or not by commenting below.

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