How to start a Blog? And Step by step guide - Pintupatroofficial

         A blog is a website where you can share your thoughts, reviews and experience with the world and you can create a community around your website. In this process you also can make a passive income as a blogger which will make you financially independent. 

             Over 20 million visitors visit website everyday. It's a open opportunity to get some frame and earning through blogging. If you create a community having loyal audience it will help you ranking and also help you earning more than 1000$ every month. So start your journey now.

How to start a Blog? And Step by step guide - Pintupatroofficial

           Hello I am pintu Patro and I am going to Guide You How to start a blog In 2021. This free guide will help you to start blogging and create a great blog for you and begin your journey in the field of Blogging. I will teach or guide you how to become a blogger with basic knowledge of computer or phone. This will help you to create a blog in less than 20 minutes. 

    This step by step guide will teach you how to start a blog? and start your journey as a blogger. After this guide you will be ready to start your journey and close to earn money also. 

                    In this Blog my main attention to guide Beginners but anyone can get some valuable guide regarding blogging. I will go through each and every step to create a blog. It's a request to read the blog till the end and if you have some doubt or questions let me know in the comment section. If you like the content share with your friends, families and help them also to start as a blogger.

How to start or create a blog in 8 easy and simple steps.

  • 1. Choose a Niche
  • 2. Buy a domain and hosting
  • 3. Choose a Platform
  • 4. Select a premium and responsive theme
  • 5. Customize the Blog
  • 6. Create pages
  • 7. Start Writing unique content
  • 8. Proper Navigation (create label and categories)

How to start a Blog? And Step by step guide - Pintupatroofficial

1. Choose a niche

Niche stands for a specific category. Which will help you to grow faster. E.g. Fashion, Bollywood, News , Job , Images, songs and lyrics, app download, freelancing etc. You can also choose a micro niche. E.g. Fashion is a niche But men's fashion and woman's fashion are the micro niche. 

    If you don't have any Idea or niche you have to select a niche first. If you not sure what topic should you choose let me help you here are some ways to find a topic according to your interest.

• Your own experiences - Everyone having their own experiences in their live. It will help others to connect with you and Help them in the similar situations. 

For an example if you visit some place and write a blog on the place. It will help others to get basic knowledge of that place and get a overview of that place. Then they can make their decision. If someone doesn't have an idea about that place they also get knowledge about the place through your blog.

• Your personal blog - A personal blog is on a specific person. It's showcase the life style of that person. If you are a student or business man or a writer or a scientist etc. You can share your daily routines with the world. It will help others to show your lifestyle and experiences.

• Hobbies & Passion - If you have a hobby or passionate about anything then this is the right place to start. E.g Cooking, travel , painting, writing, graphic design etc.

When you choose a niche then you can start your journey. Choose a niche wisely according to your interest.

2. Buy a domain and hosting

After choosing a niche now buy a premium domain(.com) related to your niche and having the main keywords. 

  You are not getting what you want then you can also buy .in , to get started. You can buy domains on, Hosting, 


After getting your domain buy a hosting to host your website. Now you are ready to take your blog online.

Important - If you don't want to invest money then you can start with subdomain ( but I will suggest you to buy a premium domain. You will get a premium domain with just ₹1000. But you can start with blogger. This is the 2nd best option.

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3. Choose a Platform 

How to start a Blog? And Step by step guide - Pintupatroofficial

      After Buy a domain and hosting you can start your blog on platform like WordPress and blogger. 

WordPress - WordPress is the most used platform for building a site or blog.

• WordPress gives you full control of your blog.

• Increase your website speed.

• It gives us huge collection of plugins, extensions and add-ons to extend our site.

• Super easy to customise your site.

• 24×7 customer services.

How to start a Blog? And Step by step guide - Pintupatroofficial

Blogger - This was owned by Google. This one is the 2nd choice after WordPress.

 • Because of it owned by Google you never face any server issues.

• Basic tools to customise your blog.

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4. Select a premium and responsive theme

          Designing a website is the foundation of the websites. Which attracts people to stay connected. Premium themes help us to gain audience towards us. It's a factor which makes impression on visitors mind. So you have to choose a good and responsive theme which can makes your blog more attractive and have a light weight. Because speed of our website depends on our theme. So choose a theme related to niche related and responsive.

You can get free premium and responsive themes on this site -

Note - If you use blogger then there you can get free themes but you can use these themes also.

5. Customise the Blog 

After getting a premium and responsive domain we have to set up our blog. Which can help visitors easy to use. Which make impression of you blog on visitors. 

• Add a logo

• Put a header and description

• customise the labels

• remove unwanted codes ( which helps increase the speed of the site)

• Add footer credit

• enable comment section

• Add sitemap

6. Create pages

Pages are normally used to add static content that is not supposed to change very often. For example, an about us page.

Keeping this content separate from your blog posts, help users easily discover it. You can also manage your pages easily, rearrange them, add them to your navigation menus, and even use page builders to create custom layouts for each page.

These 5 pages you must add to you blog

1. About us - This is the page in which we get to know about the person or owner or the company details. 

2. Privacy policy - It basically gives an idea to the how their given data used or any third-parties may use their data or not .

If you have Google Adsense then you must add a privacy policy page.

There are many websites who can create a free privacy policy page for you go and make .

3.Terms Condition and conditions - It allows you to limit your liability in case of misuse of information and services provided on your website. It can also be used to inform users about their responsibilities regarding the copyright and trademark, and how they can use your website, product, or services.

You can make a terms and conditions page free on websites.

4. Disclaimer - It gives idea about the content on the site and links. 

5. Contact us - It helps visitors to connect you if they have any questions or doubt.

How to start a Blog? And Step by step guide - Pintupatroofficial

7. Start Writing unique content

 The is the most important part of the blog. It will depend on you how you write a blog post. It decides the future of your blog. If you are writing unique content with proper keyword research and without plagiarism then you can easily make more than 1000$ per month. So focus on content. Before writing any content research your keywords regarding your niche. Then check the computation and explore your competitors. It will give a idea about keywords and the type of contents they have. Then write a unique content and use unused images (copyright free). 

8. Proper Navigation 

 Navigation stands for how to structure the website summary. It helps users to search what they want. Structure your categories and add label. Give proper idea in main menu.

How to start a Blog? And Step by step guide - Pintupatroofficial

   It's takes less than 20 minutes to create a blog and start your journey. I wish you also create your blog with the help of this. It's the first step towards your carrier. I wish all the best for your future and I wish you also earn money through this.

      If you facing any problems regarding blog then I am here to help you. Just hit me up on my social Handles and I will help you. If you started earning through this method then let me know your experience by comment below. One more thing if you find anything wrong in this blog then help me and tell me. It can help me to not repeat the same mistake again.

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