How to Earn Money from YouTube 2021


    YouTube is a Online Video Sharing Social media platform owned by Google. It was launched in February 2005. In 2006 Google bought the YouTube By $1.65 Billion. After YouTube accrued By Google it's business model also changed. After that it's not only generate revenue from Advertisement but also Include Google Adsense to YouTube through which creator and Google both make huge profits. It's revolution from a small Video providing Streaming platform to A large service with reported revenue $19.8 billion by the end of 2020.

How to Earn Money from YouTube 2021

        YouTube is the most popular Social media platform having 2 Billion+ monthly active users and 122 Million+ active daily users create a opportunity to for us. If we can attract some users from huge number of audience then we can easily make thousands of Dollars every month. What we do? It's not hard, we just have to upload videos on YouTube and have to qualify for Adsense through which we can start Earning.

     After inclusion of YouTube Shorts it's also attracts more people. Stats show that 1 Billion+ YouTube Shorts view everyday. If we able to create a audience base from this large Audience then we can also make money from it. 

How to Earn Money From YouTube 2021

   For making money on YouTube we have to qualify for Google Adsense. According to Google Adsense Creators needs to fill these requirements

1. 1000 subscribes.

2. 4000 Hours Watch time.

3. Content follow Google Adsense Policies.

   If you fill these requirements the you are able to start your earning on YouTube. For that you have to work constantly and Follow Adsense Policies. 

Ways To Earn Money in the YouTube Partner Program

1. Advertisement Revenue :

    It's the Primary methods to Earning from YouTube. AllMost all creators use this method to start Earning through YouTube. 

 • Once you Qualify for Google Adsense you can place Google ads on your YouTube channel in return Google Adsense pay you. 

2. Channel Membership :

     Channel Membership is for your audience. Your audience pay monthly by exchange of some special Perks to them.

• For enable this you must be 18 years old an have more than 1000 subscribes on your YouTube channel.

3. Merchandise shelf : 

    It's a Shelf provided by YouTube on your YouTube channel. By using this your fans can buy Your official branded merchandise which are shown on the merch shelf.

• To qualify for this you must be 18 years old and having more than 10,000 subscribes on your YouTube channel.

4. Super Chat :

    This is the process through which fans can donate their favourite Youtubers or Streamers and their message also highlighted on Chat. 

• To enable this you must be 18 years old and You belong countries where super Chat support by Google Adsense.

    This is all the process By which you earn through Google Adsense Once you become YouTube partner creator. 

     There are some other methods also through which you can make some money by using YouTube. Let's discuss about it.

How to Earn Money from YouTube 2021

Methods to Earn Without YouTube Partner Program

1. Affiliate Marketing :

   Affiliate marketing is the method through which you can earn money. if someone complete a sale through your affiliate link you will get some commission by the Company. 

• You can use Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank etc. to make money by using your YouTube.

• But it works when you have some audience already. Then you can influence them to buy through your link. So make a basic audience first.

2. Sell Own Products :

    This is also a method but you need a basic audience to make it happen. This is a method through which you can sell your own products like e-books, painting, books etc.

3. Url Shortner :

   There are websites pay you when you use your link to short here and share with your audience. The Url Shortner works based on Views. 

4. Sponsered post :

   You already have a Audience on YouTube then you can get Brand promotion posts through which Brands pays you to promote their products.

• If you have audience and you didn't got any sponsered post then you can approach Brands related to your Niche.

How to Earn Money from YouTube 2021
Make Money from YouTube

    These are the Best Methods to Earn Money from YouTube. If you like the post then share with your friends and family if anyone interested in YouTube. Let me know your opinion on this by comment below. If you still have some Quarries the you can also contact me on Social media platforms. Just send me your Quarries and I shall definitely help you.

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