How to Create And Start a Blog on WordPress In 15 Minutes - Step by step guide 2021

   WordPress is a Free and open source content management system(CMS). Which have tons of Features like plugins, add on, Attractive themes and also a user friendly dashboard which is very helpful for beginners. 

How to Create And Start a Blog on WordPress In 15 Minutes - Step by step guide 2021

    WordPress is used by 41.4% of the Top 10 Million websites as of 2021. This stat gives us more reasons to start with WordPress. The user friendly dashboard maks you edit your blog very easy and number of themes help you make your blog perfect. So before start make sure to read the blog till the end which will help you to create your blog in 15 minutes.

    As simple as it looks it is more easy to create a blog on WordPress. Our guide helpful to create a blog without any time waste Under 15 minutes. We try to simple way guide to help your till create your blog on blogging journey.

How To Create A Blog On WordPress Step by step Guide :

  • 1. Select A Topic
  • 2. Pick A Domain
  • 3. Select A Web host
  • 4. Insall Free WordPress Software
  • 5. Select A Theme
  • 6. Install Some Useful and essential Plugins
  • 7. Publish Post On Blog
  • 8. Start Earning through Blog


How to Create And Start a Blog on WordPress In 15 Minutes - Step by step guide 2021

1. Select A Topic or Niche :

       Always there a doubt what to write on blog. It's really a very easy thing. You just start a blog on your own interest topic. Which never makes you bore during learning phase. That's the only requirement. 

   Let's take look at some popular topics which helps you give a idea about huge topic opportunities.

1. Entertainment

2. Economy

3. Political

4. Parenting

5. Health

6. Business

7. Carrier

8. Finance

9. Gaming

10. Music

11. News

12. Sports

13. Study

14. Job

15. Science

16. Shopping

17. Fashion

18. Fitness

19. Real-estate

20. Food

        There are hundreds of topics which on you can work . Just start a Topic and start now. You can also experiment with new topic blog. 

   Choose a Topic or Niche, Now You are ready to start your blog. Let's go to Next Step.

2. Pick A Domain :

What is Domain?

       The Domain name was your Blog Address Which show on Google while someone search about it. E.g., It is the Most important part of a Blog.

       Once you selected a Blog topic you will be start blogging you have an idea about to get a domain name for your blog. Domain is the face of your blog so always choose a domain according to your topic or keyword. E.g. it's all about different types of job).

   Google always give priority to .com extension But there are many more extensions i.e. .in,, .org, .xyz etc. You can choose anyone from them. But I suggest you to go with .com or .in or .uk etc.

Remember Some Important Points While Choose A Domain

• Make it Short. Few words easy to remember and decrease the chance of mistyped.

• Make it Easy to Type. Which helps users to remember quickly and increase retention percentage.

• Make it Easy to Proonounceable. There is no need to mislead people with confused spelling and wrong spelling. It's a major part to look over.

• Don't use Any Brand Names or Trademarks. If you use it's increase the chance of shutdown you blog by Brand owners.

• Try to use Keywords in your Domain. It will boost your organic traffic.

• Try to avoid hyphen and numbers in your Domain.

Now you are one step ahead of your blogging carrier. Now after getting your Domain list Choose On of them. 

How to Create And Start a Blog on WordPress In 15 Minutes - Step by step guide 2021

3. Select A Web Host : 

What is Webhost or Hosting?

     Web Hosting is a service through which your blog goes live on internet. It's like a storage in which you post or edit your blog and users can see it also read. Without Domain and Hosting it's not possible to create a Blog. So these are must needed to start a Blog.

         There are many Webhosting companies which provide you web hosting for your Blog. Before take a Web Hosting try to take reviews online or check is that safe and reliable and had a good reputation.

Some web hosting providers are 

1. Bluehost

2. Hostwinds

3. A2 Web Hosting

4. Accuweb Hosting

  These are some companies which helps you get your best deals to buy a Website Hosting. Now you have a Domain and Web Hosting. Now let's discuss about Next step.

4. Install Free WordPress Software :

 There are two Options to install WordPress. Let's Discuss about both processes.

Option 1 : Installation of WordPress through your Hosting service's Dashboard. Once you will access your Hosting service you will get a Dashboard on your screen. Then you can Direct login to WordPress and Install the Software.

Option 2 : Install WordPress From

1. Go to Download the Software then Unzip the file.

2. Create a database for WordPress on your server and a MySQL user who will have all the privileges for editing it. 

3. Upload the WordPress files to the server.

4. Then after select the option Install to start installation.

5. Select A Theme :

    Theme which helps you to make a impression on users mind. It gives a look to your blog which makes your blog different from other.

Simple steps to Set your theme

• Click on Appearance ( Left Menu Bar of Dashboard)

• Select Theme.( Option under Apperance)

• Click Add New Button.

 • If you already select a free WordPress theme at, them search the name and click on Install.

• If you purchased a premium theme then click on Upload Theme button and Upload the zip file which you get after purchase the Theme.

• After Installation of your Theme, Click Active Button to Apply on your Blog.

If you want to customise your theme then Follow this step.

1. Click Appearance.

2. Click on Customize under Apperance.

According to different themes there are different options. So you see different options in different themes. But you can edit the theme.

4. Select any Option under Customize to customize your blog.

5. After All your customisation you can preview your blog by Clicking on PREVIEW Option on Right side of your Dashboard.

6. After preview your blog is all good then Click on Save And Publish to live your theme on your blog.

6. Install some essential Plugins : 

   There are tons of plugins in WordPress which help you to Add some features by one Click. For beginners it's very helpful because during initial time it's hard to manage both Publish content and customize at a time. So these plugins make our job easy. We should use some essential Plugins Like

• Make Contact Form

• Add Social Network Buttons

• Backups

 If you have any features in your mind to add on your blog then there are 50000+ plugins in WordPress you can just type the name and select the feature to add to your blog.

7. Publish Post On Blog :


How to Create And Start a Blog on WordPress In 15 Minutes - Step by step guide 2021

After all the main part of the blog is your content. Content is the king of blog. A unique and quality content makes your blog perfect. It's not so hard as you think. You have to start by yourself you will learn more in future. But avoid to copy paste and try to write a new and simple content. To publish Post follow these steps

• Go to WordPress Dashboard

• Click on +NEW button on top menu bar.

How to Create And Start a Blog on WordPress In 15 Minutes - Step by step guide 2021

• Then select POST(in drop -down list).

• Then you will enter to the space where you can write and edit your blog post. Write your post. Add photos and videos for more attractive and visitors can easily get your point by visuals.

• After Write your post just hit the PUBLISH Button to live your post on your Blog. 

   WordPress is the best option for Start your blog. Follow these steps to start or create your blog on WordPress. Its takes less than15 minutes to make your blog. Now your journey as a blogger begins. 


How to Create And Start a Blog on WordPress In 15 Minutes - Step by step guide 2021

  Let's start your blog today from scratch. It's a huge opportunity to make your identity as a blogger and earn more than 1000$ every month. 

       Start your journey now with this post and let us know is this post helps you or not. If anyone have any suggestions for me than feel free to hit me on in comment section or social Handel's. Let's help eachother and grow together.

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