How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

           Hello Friends welcome to my another blog. In Recent times work from home was increasing up to 70% due to Pendamic. There is also factor which effect the most was the internet boom. 

How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

       Today Social media platforms having more than 1 billion plus active users monthly create a opportunity for us. If we can influence 1% of the given data we will become financially independent. We can make allmost 1000$ monthly easily. So Today I will tell you How we can make money online without any investment and make money online and opportunities we have use for financially independent ans can make thousands of dollars every month we some efforts.


• Don't go or pay for Copy paste jobs because most of them are fake. 

• There nothing is free because we invest our time and time is precious so go for that which you love to do. 

• And just don't waste your time for thinking because if you do something and fail then you also learn but not lose anything so take action.

How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

     Now I will tell you  How can we make money online without any investment?. What we need just a phone or laptop and internet connection now you are ready to earn thousands dollars every month. Now Let's get started. We will Discuss Best methods which needs some efforts and free time.


How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official
Upload Videos and Earn Money

             YouTube is An American Online video sharing and social media platform. After Google YouTube is the biggest website over 1 billion users traffic per month. Having a huge traffic YouTube makes an opportunity for us and earn thousands of dollars per month. 

Q. How we make money from YouTube?

A - By Publishing Videos.

Q. How to get started??

A - First we need a account to singup and create a channel. Then we have to apply for YouTube partner program. After getting verified we can start our journey Now. Then after we have to match the requirements to apply for Adsense which are 1. 1000 subscribes And 2. 4000 hours watch time. Then we can apply for Adsense And Earn Thousands of dollars per month.

Q. How many ways to make money in the YouTube Partner Program??

A - There are 5 ways, which are 

1. Advertisement Revenue - Get Ad Revenue from Adsense by placing given ads on your videos.

2. Channel Membership - Your Fans can buy a Monthly bases channel Membership.

3. Super Chat - During Live Streaming people paid to their favourite Youtubers. From where YouTube cut off 45% and rest will be in your account.

4. Merchandise - Your Fans can buy your official branded merchandise that showcased in your videos.

5. YouTube premium revenue - YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.

Q. Any other way to earn money from YouTube?

A - Their are some other methods to earn money from YouTube.

 Sponsered video - Many Brands approach many Youtubers to promote themselves. So brands Gives some money to promote their products.

Url Shortner - If you are providing some information or anything to your fans then you can use a url Shortner which can generate some money.

Affiliate links - You can also review a product or a e-book or any app then you can also use their affiliate link in your video description and you can get some money.


How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

   Blogging is also a way to Earn 1000$ per month by spending few hours daily. It helps generate money for lifetime. But it's a way if you are interested then enter this field if not interested then don't enter. Its takes time to earning money and also need effort like post daily bases, writing unique content, backlinks etc. 

Q. How to get started??

A - A blog is also a website so we have to Buy a domain or start with blogger for free. Their is a website called in which we can create a free blog and start earning. But it takes much time. So I suggest to go with paid domain. You can buy a domain and hosting. So you can start using WordPress. Now your journey begins. Alert it need time and effort to get paid over 1000$ every month. 

Q. How we earn money by blogging?

A - You can Earn money through Google Adsense by placing ads on your website. And it is the most used for earn money through Blogging. 2nd one is By provide or sell your own e-books on your blog. 3rd one is the most effective and used method that is Affiliate Marketing. This is the best method to use. By using this method you earn more than Google Adsense. 4th one is provide your service on your blog. E.g. if you are a freelancer then you can post your experience and give your email for work for clients.

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Affiliate marketing

How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

Affiliate marketing is the method of earning money(commission) everytime you promote

a company's products or services or ebooks and generate a sale then you will get some commission by the company. Commission doesn't mean 1$ or 5$, if you Sell a product of Clickbank you can get 120 $. So if you make 10 in a month then you can easily earn nearly 1200$ a month which is 88,000. So you can become financially Independence. This is the most used method to earn money without an investment.

Q. How to get start affiliate marketing?

A - There are money websites which gives us some commission to sell their products or services or ebooks. Examples like,,, etc. Clickbank and digistore24 are offering 10$ to 60$ on an average on products while Amazon , flipkart are giving 2% to 10% on each sale. I prefer Clickbank or Digistore24 Because you can get 100 $ on one sell. 

       Just Sign up In the websites and start promoting products through you social media or you websites. Then you can easily make 1000$ per month.


How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

Freelance is also a Method to earning 1000$ per month through online without any investment. You doesn't even need any certificate to work as a freelancer. Freelancer are get paid to complete works like Designing, video editing, Content writing, logo designing, website building, voice over. There are many companies who hire freelancers for their company. This method was also helps students who want part time works. Because you can pick works according your free time and making money. 

Q. How we start as a freelancer?

A - There are many websites Like,,, etc. Where you get works according your interest. First signup to these websites and create your portfolio and make bid for works. According to your portfolio you will get work and get paid. Try to make a stronger portfolio.

      Another option is getting client through social media like Instagram. Instagram also a huge opportunity for freelancers. You can also approach company through Instagram or emails and make 1000$ per month easily.


How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform which have monthly visitors over 1 billion active users. Which create a massive opportunity to all the companies to advertise their products. Big companies or app owners or website owners give money to Instagram influencers to Promote their brand on his post and story. 

       According to your fanbase or followers companies pay you. For example if you have 10k followers then you get paid 15,000 to 20,000 per post but if someone have 100k or more followers then he get more than you for the same ad.  

Q. How to get started with Instagram?

A - First sign up and Create a Instagram account or page. Choose a niche and Start posting photos and videos with related hashtags to get more engagement. Try to post everyday and expand your reach. Put your story of your post. Grow your audience and when you have followers more than 10k then you can also approach Brands for promotion. They will pay some commission. And if you have any website or url Shortner you get also drive your audience putting the link in your bio.

Q. What are the main methods to earn money through Instagram?

A - • Posting Sponsered Posts Of Brands infront of your audience and get paid.

• Post your affiliate link and sell other brands products and get commissions.

• Sell your own products (cosmetic, T-shirt etc) or Offer services ( graphics designer, video editor or digital marketing courses).

• Selling your own captured Photos or Videos.

    You can easily make 1000$ through Instagram if you can give some time and effort.

  These are the methods through which anyone can make over 1000$ every month and get financially independent. You can also full fill your dreams just having a phone or a laptop while in your home. Students also use these methods and can earn money using their free time. 

How can we make money online without any investment? - pintupatro Official

           Large numbers on audience on social media platforms make more opportunity to Make 1000$ easily. So If you just wasting your data by watching videos or posts then you are just wasting an opportunity to earn money. So if you use some hours you can get financially independent. Now it's on you how you use.

      These are the most effective methods to make 1000$ easily in a month. Let me know if these methods working or not by comment below.

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