Google Adsense Account Approval For Blogger and WordPress 2021

 Google Adsense is a Advertising Company owned by Google. It works based on CPC( Cost Per Click) and CPM(Cost per Thousand Impression). Adsense is the most used Advertise Network because of high paying as compared to any other advertise Company. And Owned by Google also brings us confidence to use this for Our Blog or YouTube or On our app.

Google Adsense Account Approval For Blogger and WordPress 2021

     Every Beginner think that he will open a blog and start earning thousands of dollars from Adsense but not having the idea how to Get Adsense Approval from Google Adsense.

    If your Blog also not Approved yet just Follow the article and you will get your problems on your Blog. After work on that problem you will easily get Google Adsense approval.

Google Adsense Account Approval For Blogger and WordPress 2021

  • 1. Provide High Quality Content
  • 2. Your Blog Age
  • 3. Minimum Content and Posts
  • 4. Avoid Illegal Content
  • 5. Don't Use Copy right Materials
  • 6. Other Ad Platforma
  • 7. Easy to Use Theme
  • 8. Add Important Pages
  • 9. Language Support
  • 10. Remove unwanted Material
  • 11. Professional Email

1. Quality Content : 

     Quality standards for Unique and New. Content means the article or post. If we combine both then we get Quality Content. Your Blog Content is the Most important factor for your progress as a Blogger. 

Google Adsense Account Approval For Blogger and WordPress 2021

    Never copy someone's Post Because Google easily trace your content copy or not when you publish or Index your post on Google. So avoid copy others posts.

    You content should have minimum of 500 to 5000 words and 100% Unique which helps you get Adsense approval faster.

2. Blog Age : 

   Blog age stands for the age of your Blog from when you start the blog. You Blog should be One month old If you have top level domain (.com, .in etc.). If you have subdomain then it takes more time to approval for Google Adsense.

3. Minimum Content and Posts :

     Google Adsense never add the Minimum content But the according to the experienced Bloggers If you write 300 word article then you must write 30+ post before applying for Google Adsense. And you are writing more than 500 words article than it should be 20 number of posts needed Before Submit for Adsense Approval. 

     You can apply manually any time if you have 1 post or 100 post But when it becomes get approval you must follow upper suggestions. So you will never get a rejection.

4. Avoid Illegal Content :

      Google Adsense never approve any Blog or Site With illegal content like Adult content, Gambling, Hacking etc. Never write a post on Illegal Content or your Blog will be rejected. If you have any Illegal Content on your Blog then you have to remove then you can Apply for Google Adsense.

5. Don't Use Copyright Material :

       Never use any Copyright content on your Blog. Copyright means Others content. Never use anything directly on your Blog After downloading from Google or any other Search Engines because you are not owner of them. Avoid Copyright images, videos, etc.

    You can use Others posts by giving full credit to the owner. But try to reach him/her before you. 

6. Other Ad Platforms : 

    Google Adsense never approve you if your blog already have ads of some other Ads platform. Because Google Adsense not support all Ad platforms. 

Google Adsense Account Approval For Blogger and WordPress 2021

     If you want to apply for Google Adsense then You can remove others ads and then Apply. Now your chances are high to get approval.

7. Easy to Use Theme :

      Your Chances high for get Approval for Adsense if you have user friendly theme and with proper Navigation. And also must be mobile friendly because the increase in smartphones. 

   Proper Navigation will help users to read the posts without any problem. It will increase your user average page view. Unnecessary images, videos effect your Blog so it's necessary to remove then.

8. Add Important Pages :

    You must add some pages to your blog. Privacy policy Page, Disclaimer Page, Terms and Conditions page, About us page, Contact us page, these pages help both Google and Users know about the Blog or Site. By adding these pages you will increase your chances to Approve you Blog On Google Adsense. If someone get approval without these pages then he was very lucky. But I suggest you to add these primary pages to your Blog before Apply for Google Adsense.

9. Language Support : 

        Your Blog should be in that Language which Google Adsense support Because Adsense not support all Languages. Before make a Blog once Check the Languages supported by Google Adsense.

10. Remove Unwanted Material : 

          Unwanted means which are not required. Unrequited Material (photo, video, HTML Codes) effect our Blog and Loading speed of Blog. So it's Better to remove them and make our Blog more faster.

11. Professional Email :

      Always Having a Professional Email confirm that you are the owner and Author of the Blog. This small step also make a positive impact on your Blog. And easy to get approval from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Account Approval For Blogger and WordPress 2021

      These are the Key Points for which tons of Blog face rejection. Follow this Article and Set up your Blog. Then Your blog ready to Apply for Google Adsense. By Following the upper Instructions you will Easily quality For Blogger and Start Earning.

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