Definition Of Freelancing - Start Earning through Freelancing

What Is Freelance?

   Freelancer word commonly used for a Person who is self employed and not work under any Employer for long term. Freelancers are also Independent contracts.

     Freelancer are working for many companies as a part time or short time worker but don't get same salary as Full Timers.

    With the rise of Gig-Comunity, people are serious about freelancing. That's why there are more freelancers as compared to History. According to a A study there are more than 50 million+ Active Freelancers in Usa only. Then we can't imagine how much active freelancers are in the world.

   According to a study More than 55% of Freelancers are in Between 18-22 years old. As because this is the time where Most of the students or peoples start part time works.

Definition Of Freelancing - Start Earning through Free time
Definition Of Freelancing

How does Freelancing Work?

       Freelancers Provide Works in return of Some money. They actually work as a part time or short time worker for companies.

    Let's show you a example - If I hired a writer for my project then once he completed the work then the contract was over. It's a short contact type work.
Sometimes people hire a Freelancer to work on basis of hours per day or Month.

Why are people Freelancing?

      As we read before Freelancing stands for Independent Workers. Which gives them more flexibility and control on their working time. Freelancers can choose their own time and client for work. They can also able to work remotely.

    Freelancer are also form of Entrepreneurship, Which means they have control on their Earning potential. They are not locked to fixed salary and working hours. So can earn money according to how much they want. As a Freelancer You are your own Boss. 

      Freelancing provides a lot of variety type of work you can also do. If you are interested then you can easily explore more kind of industri in Freelancing.

How much can I get paid as a Freelancer?

      According to a study the average income of a Freelancers are inbetween $20 - $40 per Hour. But numbers can vary according to works.

    Transcription services only earn $5 to $10 per Hour While App developers get $70 - 100$ on an average. 

    It's Best t
o compare rates of services which you want to work as a Freelancer then you will get the average earning of a Freelancer of your field. Then you can easily take decision is it worthy or not.

What are the risks As a Freelancer?

   There are mainly 2 Risks which can effect your life.

1. Money : There are no fix rates for Freelancing services. So You are unable to get works then it can effect on your financial condition. 

2. Health : We already know Companies provide Health insurance apart from salary to their employees. So if something happens to the employee then Companies help the employee financial. But as a freelancer you are not a regular staff of any company so it will cost you.
Definition Of Freelancing - Start Earning through Freelancing
Use Free Time To Earn Money

What type of Work Can I do as a Freelancer?

 Now companies taking more interest on Freelancers to complete their projects. So nowadays Freelancers are Doing many different types of works.

Admin Support Job

• Adminstrative Assistant
• Virtual Assistant
• Project Management
• Data Entry
• Transcription
• Online Research
Design and Creative Jobs
• Branding
• Presentation Design
• Motion Graphics Design
• Animation
• Video Production
• Audio Production
• Voice Talent
• Graphics Design
• Ux/Ui Design
• Art and Illustration
• Photography
• Videography

Writing Jobs

Theses are services on different writing works.lets see

• Content Writing( Business, Technical etc)
• Proofreading
• Copy Writing
• Ghost Writing

Web, Mobile and Software Development Jobs

• Ecommerce Website Development
• Mobile Software Development
• Desktop Software Development
• Scripting
• Game Development
• Web Design
• Web Development and many more

Accounting and Consulting Jobs

• Business Anylist
• Financial Anylist
• Financial Modeling
• HR Administrator
• Financial Management and Many more.

Legal Jobs

• International Law
• General Counselor
• Business Law 
• Corporative Law and Many more

Data Science and Analytical Jobs

• Data Mining
• Data Analysis
• Machine Learning
• Data Engineering
• Data Visualization
• Data Processing and Many more

Sales and Marketing Jobs

• Social Media Marketing
• Marketing Strategy
• Display Advertising
• Lead Generation
• Public Relation etc.

       These are the fields where you can start as a Freelancer but there are many more field you can find on Google. We just Provide the Basic jobs you can do as a Freelancer.

How Do I Start Freelancing?

   You can Start your carrier as a freelancer at any time. Start providing your service in exchange of Money.
Open a Bank Account and Create profile on different Social Media Platforms. There are mainly Three methods through you make mone as a Freelancer.

1. Working with Clients Directly

Working with Clients Directly stands for Finding Clients yourself and Working with them. That may be possible by Networking, Existing Relationship or someone refer them.

   This is the most hardest method but you will make a great Margin because there are no other middle man.

2. Subcontracting

   All Agencies not work themselves to complete works. They also hires Freelancers to complete the work. Through this they can make some money. 

   You can also take projects from companies and hire some Freelancers to complete the work. Make some commission as a Middle Man.

3. Using Websites to get work 

     This is the most used method by Freelancers. There are Websites where you can get works regarding your interest or skills. 

     All you need to do that Open a Account on their Websites and Start Uploading your works. Then you can apply for jobs(by bidding).

     But this is a hardest thing for a beginner because there are popular Freelancers already. So it's hard to find work as a beginner. So keep working. 

    As a work provider the website take some commission when you get paid. So as Beginner you can start on these sites. Some of them are 

1. Upwork
2. Freelancer
3. Truelancer
4. Fiverr
5. Flexjobs

   These are the most popular and Genuine sites where you can search different works for you.
Definition Of Freelancing - Start Earning through Freelancing
Start Now


        Freelancing makes you Boss of your life. It's depends on you how and when you work. So you can search jobs through Direct clients or Subcontracting or By Websites and Start earning as a Freelancer.

   There are lots of jobs for Freelancers. So just Select according to your working time and make money By complete their works. 

     If you are new to this field then check the opportunities and make a decision. Then you can start. 

      That's all for this blog. Today We discuss about Definition of Freelancing, How does Freelancing Work, Why does people Freelancing, How much Freelancers earn, What are the risks as a Freelancer, What type of work can you do as a Freelancer, How do you Start Freelancing. 

If you Like the Methods then share with your friends if anyone want to work as a Freelancer and let me know is it helping you or not by commenting Below. If you still have some quarries then Dm Me on Social Media Platforms. I will definitely help you.

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