8 Best business ideas for villages and Small towns in India

       To Become successful in life we must start a business, It's not matter where are you from. In every area there is a opportunity to start a business. You just need to find the opportunity. Demand and supply is the key point for business. Once you find the key then you can easily become a businessman and successful.

8 Best business ideas for villages and Small towns in India
8 Best Business Ideas

        This is the best time in India to start a business. Tons of schemes backed by Government to support small businesses are encourage to start new startups. Its a great time to grab the opportunity and start your own business and become a successful person.

       India's more than 60% of people are still living in villages. So it's also a great opportunity to starting a business in your own village. You just need to find the demand and start your business to fill the demand to Become a successful businessman.

Key points to remember before start a Business

• Demand and supply rule

• Check competition

• Find a good place 

• knowledge about the business

• Fund to start business

• Hardwork to become successful

       Now we are going to start our discussion on 10 best business ideas for villages and Small towns in India. Follow these business given below and choose one of them to start your business.

1. Retail Store

        Majority of peoples are living in villages so there are more demands in villages. More demands means more opportunity to start a business. Well planned plan to open a retail store to fulfill the demand is the key to become successful. Kirane store's never gone out of demand so choose a good place and start your business. You can open any of the given retail store in your village according to demand.

• Sweet Shop

• Electrical Shop

• Cosmetic Shop

• Saloon Shop

• Plumber Store

• Tailor shop

    Before start any of them you must need basic idea on the field. Because you can't just complete the works by workers because it causes less profit.

2. Small Scale Manufacturing Units

      This is the best business to lookover. Till now thousands of people started their business and became successful. It's also inspire us to start a small scale manufacturing units. Rural areas and small towns are more suitable to start this business idea. Let's see the ideas

• Agarbatti

• Pickle

• match box

• candle

• paper cup

• paper plate etc.

     These are best ideas to start a small business. Due to high demand in villages and also in Urban areas it is a profitable business to start now. Before start this business check the demand and competition. Which will help you to find your best business idea.

3. Milk Production

8 Best business ideas for villages and Small towns in India
Milk Produce

       This is well known business idea to have look before any business in your village. Milk is a basic food for human. Its demand also high in market. It is a profitable business to start in your village or small town.

• You need a small investment to start a milk production to buy cows and make living places for them and provide them foods. This is the most popular and more profitable business to start now.

• If you are a farmer then you can also use their wastes as fertilizer for your farm land.

4. Clothing Store

     We all know peoples of villages and small towns travel to big cities to buy clothes during any occasions. Which gives an idea about public demand. Starting a clothing store with good brands, fabrics and variety can help you more successful. To start this idea make contacts with good suppliers.

    If you able to provide latest fashion, design, styles then your business definitely become successful and profitable. Futher you can also provide tailor services for interested people.

5. Fertilizer or Pesticide Store

8 Best business ideas for villages and Small towns in India

    As we know most of the villagers are farmers it's make sense to start a Fertilizer or Pesticide Store in your village or town. To working on this business you must need a license, so apply if you are eligible. Once you open up a Fertilizer or Pesticide store you can also keep seeds with you to sell them.

6. Organic Vegetables or Fruits

8 Best business ideas for villages and Small towns in India
Organic Vegetables and Fruits 

       Organic Vegetables or Fruits maret is growing faster day by day. Demand of Organic Vegetables and fruits also increase rapidly. This is also a open opportunity to start your business. But it is not easy task to start this idea.

    To start this business idea you need land. It's may be yours or on contract based. Then when it comes to storage you have to make a storage room with refrigerators. Transportation also a factor to consider. If you are think you can bear all these difficulties then it is also a profitable business idea. Consider it.

7. Internet Zone

       Internet is growing allover the world. All type of works now available on internet. E.g. School form fill up, college form fill up, job apply, adhara card apply, driving license apply, Xerox, Lamination etc. All these things can now available on internet. So it's also a good idea to start a internet zone in your village or area. You need small investment for Pc and Internet. Now choose a good area to grow more rabidly.

8. Tutor Services

     Lack of Well educated teachers is a big problem in rural areas. It's a great idea to start a Tution in your village or area. With good teachers you can start your tutor service in your village or area. Due to which qualified local youth get job where as children also get quality teachers. It's also help peoples to near you to find a Tution near them. But you must be a qualified person to start a tution. You can start with limited man power and space. It will grow with time.

     You must need some initial funds to start a business. If you are able to get that fund then start your business and you will be successful in life.

     But if you want to start a business but looking for funds for your business then can apply for loans provided by Government to encourage small businesses.

Small business loan

    A small business loan is a loan to fulfill the basic requirements for a small business. It's helps small business to start their business. This loans are provided by all banks to eligible owners.

Eligibility Criteria For Small business loan

• Must be an indian.

• Age inbetween 21 to 70 years

• No case of default with any other finical bodies

• Last 12 months bank statement

• Last 2 years Income tax details

Documents Required for Small business loans

• Complete Business plan( Make your full plan according to your business )

• Fully Filled Apply Form

• Identity Proof - Pan card, adhara card, voter id, driving license

• Residence Proof

• Business Registration documents

• Income tax return last 2 years

• All kinds of license and permissions

Procedure to Apply for Small business loans

• Check the Eligibility Criteria, If eligible then go ahead.

• Fill the form and provide all documents required.

• Once you get permission after apply, you direct get funds in your account.

  You can start these ideas and start your own business. Now days business is the only way to become finical independent and give you money and fane both. Start your journey as a businessman and become a successful person.

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