5 Best Methods To Earn Money Online From Instagram 2021

    Instagram is the one of the fast growing social media platform. From a image and video sharing platform to a powerful marketing platform that influencers and Businesses are using to reach their targeted audiences.

5 Best Methods To Make Money Online From Instagram 

        Instagram also one of the best social media platform to use brand promotion along with Google and Facebook. Having over 1 Billion users Instagram create more opportunities to brands to promote their product and increase their sells.

      According to a report 32% of the users are in between 18 to 32 years old. This big percentage also attract brands to sell their products through promotion.

   Having 1 Billion + users and thousands of brands motivate us to start making money from Instagram.So in this post we discuss about some methods through which we can make 100$ every month easily. Follow this blog till end to know the ideas or methods to earn money from Instagram.

   Start earning through Instagram we must have a Instagram account and a basic audience. Which are necessary for your any kind of promotion.

Few steps to grow your Instagram

Grow your Instagram 

• First signup on Instagram. Create a profile.

• Select a Niche or Topic.

• Make a attractive logo and optimize your Instagram profile( add Bio, start posting posts)

• Start posting your content related to selected Niche.

• Try to make shareable content which increases your chances to shared your post by someone else. Which introduce your profile in front of their audience and increase your chances to get new followers and audience.

• Try to use haghtags related to your niche. Which help your Instagram profile to increase reach.

• Increase Engagement by liking and commenting on others posts. And also give reply on your post comments.

• Promote your post on your story with haghtags.

• Promote your Instagram profile on other platforms like Youtube, Facebook etc.

These simple steps grow your profile within few months. Now you have a basic audience to start with. Now your Instagram profile ineligible to start making money.

5 Best to Earn Money from Instagram

  • 1. Affiliate Marketing
  • 2. Sell your own physical product
  • 3. Provide your Services
  • 4. Sponsored post
  • 5. Find Freelance clients

1. Affiliate Marketing

     Affiliate Marketing is the one of the best methods to earn money from Instagram. To starting earning through Affiliate Marketing you have to sign up with highpaying Affiliate Programs. Start sharing your affiliate link and make some commission when someone purchased something through your link.

• If you choose a right Affiliate program and a good product then you can easily make 1000$ every month.

• Some Highpaying Affiliate Programs are

1. Clickbank

2. Digistore24

3. Amazon

• We all know Instagram is the best place to promote your affiliate link because of millions of users visits daily. 

•Its doesn't matter how many followers you have, you can post your clickable link in your bio.

• Publish your post and share all details in caption to increase your clicks.

• Instagram users pay attention to posts, so try to add a detailed caption about your post. Encourage users to click on the link.

• Links on your post is not clickable so you have to write your captions in that way that users can click on that link. So you must have to make a impression through your captions.

• On each sale through your link you will get commission according to the product. Some products of Clicknbank Affiliate program pay you 100$ on one sale.

2. Sell your own Physical product

• You can generate sales on Instagram if you have your own product.

• Just share your product images with Detailed captions can make your job easy to generate sales.

• Try to use hagtags in the caption.

• Or you have a ecommerce site then you can drive traffic to your site by providing your link in your bio. Which will leads to increase your sell.

3. Provide your services

• Sell your services through your Instagram. Services like photography, Video grapher, video editing, etc.

• You can start your earning if you have any type of services which can help peoples.

• These days Videographer and Video Editors are on demand. If you are a videographer or Video editor then you can post your past works. Then you have a chance to get hired by someone. Or you can approach Influencers or You tubers to provide them this services in exchange of money.

Example of Searvices Provider Profile 

4. Sponsored Post

• This is the most used method on Instagram till date.

• Nowdays Brands are offerings great deals to big influences on Instagram to promote their products.

• According to deals Influences Post a feed post or Share a story of the brand and promote them in exchange of money.

• Big Influences charge more than 1000$ per post while small influencers charge 100$ - 300$ per post.

• Influences charged on the basis of their Niche ans Followers.

• You can also start posting brand promotions when you have more than 10k Followers. Increase your followers and start getting brand detals.

Sponsored Post Example 

5. Find clients For Freelancing

• Due to a huge audience there are also brands or companies or individuals who are looking for freelances.

• If you are a freelancer then you have a great opportunity to grab them.

• Start posting your works and tag brands or companies or individuals you targeted. Once you make a impression on them then you will get what you want.

• There is another way to get more clients that is reach them personally and show them your past works. This can help you to get more clients.


   Instagram crosses 1 Billion+ users and millions of active users visit daily. Having a huge audience and engagement makes easy to Earn money from Instagram. Wasting time on watching videos and images on Instagram nowdays makes nosense. Its better to start your way to make money online through Instagram.

      Few hours per day on Instagram makes a huge impact on your profile which will easily make 1000$ in future. Choose a right way and start on Instagram today. Its never late to start earning through online using Instagram.

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