10 Best Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel in 2021

   Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. Having Over 2 Billion+ users and 122 Millions monthly active users makes itself a great market source for all companies to promote their products and Increase their sales. This is the biggest video uploading platform all over the world and fastest Growing Social media platform.

      Its also a platform to earn money online. Interesting fact, according to a data the number of channels earning 6 figures per year increased more than 40% year by year and the number of channels having 5 figure earning grew up more than 50% year by year. And the number of channels having more than 1 million subscribers also grew up more than 65% every year.

     After knowing this Youtube growing rapidly and peoples also makes thousands of dollars every month by uploading video continuously. Its also encourage us to make a Youtube channel and Grow that to make a passive source of income.

     If you are searching for How to grow your Youtube channel then you are at right place. Today i shall try to clear your all questions and provide 10 Best ways to Grow your Youtube channel rapidly.

10 Best ways to Grow your Youtube Channel


10 Best Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel in 2021
10 Best ways to Grow Your Youtube channel 2021

  • 1. Keyword research
  • 2. Create quality informative video
  • 3. Optimize your Youtube videos
  • 4. Use relevant Thumbnails
  • 5. Add i button and Youtube video cards
  • 6. Promote your Videos to your social media
  • 7. Try to create a community
  • 8. Interact with your audience 
  • 9. Turn your viewers into subscribers
  • 10. Consistent 

      Most of the the Youtubers use Google AdSense to monetize their YouTube channels. Which will also help you to make money from Youtube once your grow your Youtube channel.

There are few criteria to enable Google AdSense

• 1000 subscribers

• 4000 hours watch time

• Videos obey Google AdSense guidelines

    These are the minimum criteria to get approval for Google AdSense. So let's start how to grow your Youtube channel with required images and full detailed analysis.

1. Keyword Research

      Try to make your video or content around a targeted keyword. Its the best way to get traffic as well as subscribers. Most of the people don't take it seriously. But its also a crucial factor to grow your Youtube channel. Try to use tools available on Google to research your keywords volume, computation, difficulty which provides you best keywords to rank your videos on search results. Once you ranked your video now your channel gets massive traffic organically.

How to find keywords for Youtube videos?

   Follow these simple methods to find best keywords for your video.

• Pick Seed keywords. E.g. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Cricket, Study, Technology etc. But these keywords are hard to rank because of high competition. There are big channels already ranked so its next to impossible to rank your video if you are a new Youtuber. 

• So Long tail keywords are best to go with if you are a new or intermediate then its easy to rank your video. Now your answer should be how to find long tail keywords? Answer is just go to Youtube type your keyword in search bar now you can see suggested keywords and choose one of them to make your content or video.

10 Best Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel in 2021
Long Tail Keyword Ideas

   Once you choose your keyword now you have to check your competitor. Search your keyword on Youtube and try to watch the videos which are ranking. By doing this you can get idea about the video content. And also try to check their comment section now you have proper idea about your video. Now make your video and try to cover all the quarries and suggestions to make your video perfect.

2. Create Quality Informative Video

    Quality content is the main key to grow your Youtube video. Consider yourself as a viewer and think that why you subscribe anyone's channel? Simple answer is either you get some information or solve your quarries through the video or entertainment video or cartoon video or comedy video. That means you were subscribed his/her video because of Quality content, That's all.

     For produce a Quality content you have to observe or research your keyword related articles or videos or more ideas to make a great video. Once do all these things figure out the key points and related examples or images and videos. Now write your script and make your video.

    How to tutorials are more chance to increase your traffic so try to search them and make videos on them.

3. Optimize your Youtube Videos

    Either it is Google or Youtube Seo is the most important factor to rank your website or videos. Without Seo is hard to survive on Youtube. Now your question should be how to optimise your videos? Try to follow these key points to make your video seo optimised.

• Add your targeted keyword in Title and Description. Which help you to appear on search results.

• Try to concentration on keyword in videos. So viewers get what they want. Which also increase your engagement time.

    According to a data to get 1000 subscribers with Seo optimised video takes 22 months while if you have less than 1000 subscribers then without Seo you get only 14% views. So here comes the key point Seo to grow your channel faster and also increase your subscribers.

4. Use relevant Thumbnail

    Informative and eye catching Thumbnails makes your videos more clickable which increase your Click Through Rate(CTR). If Peoples are click on your videos then there is a chance Youtube suggest your videos to more peoples which boost your traffic and Subscribers. Then there is a chance that your video will rank on Youtube search.

Try to add eye catching colours, big texts, characters, arrows, etc. To get more clicks.

5. Add i button and Youtube video cards

   Youtube having some features which helps you to suggest more videos to your viewers which may helps them get more information and helps your channel gets more engagement rate.

I Button :- This is a feature through which you can suggest any video to your users by providing the link in i button to check out during the video. This maybe helpful for both the viewers and creators.

Youtube cards :- Through this feature you can provide related videos by cards at the end of your videos. If multiple peoples are click that cards and redirect to that video then Youtube algorithm find that peoples are liking your videos which amy cause massive traffic which can boost your subscriber numbers.

10 Best Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel in 2021
End Screen and Subscribe Button 

Try to add this two features to all of your videos. These features are like traps for users which don't let them go away from your channel easily.

6. Promote your Videos to your social media

10 Best Ways to Grow your Youtube Channel in 2021
Social Media Promotion 

     As a Beginner or intermediate its hard to get organic traffic until videos starting ranking. So it's our job to drive traffic to our channel. So here we can use our other social media to promote our videos and drive traffic to our videos. Initial traffic we can get from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc by sharing our videos. You can also share your videos on your blog. So it's important to share your videos on other platforms to get initial traffic. You can try this method.

7. Try to create a community

     Community means a group of peoples which are helping each other to solve their problems. It's beneficial for both creators and users. You can start your community on Facebook, Instagram, Quora where you can invite peoples who are interested and try to solve everyone problems. Here you can grow your channel as well as audience which grow your channel further.

• Try to create your community on the basis of your channel name and category so its help you more.

8. Interact with your audience

   On Youtube audience is the main key to grow your channel. So it's always important to community to your subscribers on daily basis which are your basic audience. So you can build up Faith in between you and your audience. Which are gonna help you in future.

       Try to active on your social media platforms, try to reply comments on your videos, try to solve quarries of your audience. Also interact with other channels of your category. So you can help each others to grow more faster.

9. Turn your viewers into subscribers

     Interesting fact, 14% of subscribers subscribe channels on appeal to do subscribe by Youtubers. So its also important to tell your subscribers to subscribe your channel and hit the bell icon. Which also gonna help you to get some subscribers.

• Another way by addition of Subscribe button on the end screen. Which also increase the chance of get subscribed by new users. It's also right very small amount of peoples are gonna watch your video till end but its also increase the chance to get subscribed by those few users, because they are intrested so they watch till the end.

10. Consistent

    All of the growth and progress depends on your consistency. All of the above methods work when you upload videos consistently. Because no one get thousands of subscribers overnight. Its always take time and effort to get that position. Here comes the consistent which helps you grow up over the time.

    Slow and steady gives you the best results and provide a passive source of income which may help you fulfill your dreams and financial independent. Always remembered one thing your one ranked video will drive your 70% of your traffic so try to make the video. By following trends and daily life updates you will may get the video which will boost your Youtube channel. So always try to focus on content and consistency.

        It's may takes years to become one of the popular Youtuber till that point do your job and upload videos daily or weekly basis.

Few Quarries with possible Answers

Q. How to promote Youtube channel for free?

A- There are only social media platforms where you can promote your videos freely. Without that there is no way to promote your videos free.

Q. How to grow gaming Youtube channel?

A- Keep doing steps which are given above. Do it consistently which may cause of your growth.

Q. How to do you get 1000 subscribers on Youtube?

A- This is the most important and crucial part of your journey. It may takes some time to get 1000 subscribers but after your journey will grow faster. The initial 1000 subscribers are depending upon your quality content, Seo and consistency. Keep hustling to get that threshold.

Q. How can i increase my Youtube subscribers and views?

A - Initial subscribers and views are more difficult to get. So keep sharing your videos on your social media platforms. Which may give few subscribers but after that Seo is the crucial part to get views and subscribers.

  Having over 2 Billion plus users Youtube now become a platform to making a money making machine. With free time and few hous daily gives us thousands of dollars every month. You can make this you carrier. Think about it. There are nothing to pay just what you need upload video consistently and enable to get paid from Youtube partner program.

       Follow these simple ways and start your Youtube journey and make Youtube as your passive income source which may pay you more than your current salary. Or you are a student or housewife you can also choose Youtube as a carrier option.

  Today we were discuss about How to grow your Youtube channel? If you like the content then share with your friends who are intrested in and let us know is it helping you or not by commenting below. For clear your quarries you can comment below or dm me on my social media accounts. 

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